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May 3, 2017
May 3, 2017
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Women who like younger men



Women who like younger men

why would a woman become attracted to a younger man?
Don’t women like to feel secure and safe? won’t that let them go for an older and a more mature man?

Many of the behaviors that seem strange can make perfect sense when they are examined in the context of the person’s psychological goals. In my article understanding someone’s behaviour i explained how looking at all aspects of a person’s personality can help you understand his behaviour in a better way.

In this article i will tell you why some women like younger men from a psychological point of view.

Reasons some women like younger men

Here are some reasons why some women like younger men:

  • They want someone to take care of: All human beings strive to feel superior in a way or another. Some women gain their superiority by taking care of of their younger, less mature men. Those women become attracted to younger men because they help them satisfy this important need (see also Striving for superiority
  • To prove that they can: Many people go into relationships for ego related reasons. Some women like younger men in order to prove that they are still in the game and that they are still capable of attracting men (see also Why are some people players)
  • The woman No longer needs security: As a result of evolution some women became more in control of their future and financial situation and as a result some of them became less in need of the protection and the security an older man provides (see What attracts women to men)
  • The culture supports it: In my articles about the psychology of love i said that the mind plays a very important role in the process of falling in love. If the culture doesn’t permit such relationships then the mind might not dare to consider it possible while if the culture supports such a trend then many women will be encouraged to like younger men

Women who like younger men and special cases

When trying to understand a person the worst mistake you can do is overgeneralizing or assuming that what would work for a person will work for another.

Each woman is a special case and thus the reason one woman is attracted to a younger man might be completely different than the reason another woman is attracted to another younger man.

You need to collect information about that person you are trying to understand before you can assume the reason behind his behavior.

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