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Why women aren’t sending you attraction signals



Why don’t they like me?

In my previous article The Body language of attraction i explained how hair flipping is one of the most powerful signals a woman can unconsciously send to show interest in a man.

The hair Flip basically happens when a woman finds a person attractive. In such a case the woman will put her hand through her hair then push it backwards as if she is trying to reveal the skin around her ears.

While providing Coaching to one client he asked me an interesting question. He told me that if this sign reflects physical attraction then he might be an unattractive person since it doesn’t happen to him often.

The client was actually counting the number of women he sees in the street then calculating the percentage of the ones sending him that sign and as you might have already guessed the number was pretty low.

So does this mean that my client isn’t attractive to women or does it mean that he was doing something wrong?

Women are different

First of all one golden rule of body language states that the presence of the gesture indicates the presence of the emotion but the absence of the gesture doesn’t mean that the emotion is absent.

So a person can have a certain emotion without showing it up on his body language and this includes feelings of attraction as well.

But that’s not the only reason my client wasn’t getting signals. In my book The psychology of physical attraction i explained how the brains of women work differently when it comes to physical attraction.

For a man, seeing a woman can instantly lead to intense emotions but for women they usually need more time to reach that level of interest since they look for many more factors in addition to physical looks.

In other words sometimes a woman needs to get to know a person before she gets really attracted to them. My friend was counting the number of women he sees in the street and this means that he was only counting a very small number of the possible potential fans he could have had if he happened to know those women personally.

Of course a woman can like a man instantly as well but in such a case the brain of this woman might have found many of the things she is looking for in that man based on some quick conclusions it made. See The psychology of love at first sight

When body language becomes dangerous

So many people do the grave mistake of trying to give meanings to everything that happens in their lives during social interactions using body language alone.

While body language is powerful it can also be very destructive if the bigger picture wasn’t considered. Yes body language is accurate but without proper understanding of human psychology you can end up getting wrong results and losing your self esteem.

In short a person can like you but send no signals. However if you kept seeing that person then the chance of finding signals will become very high.

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