Why does rage feel so good



The state of Rage

I’ll break his neck when i see him
I don’t care about anyone or anything i will just kill him
This is all happening because of those stupid people

Do these phrases sound familiar?
I bet that you have been through at least one situation where similar thoughts came to your mind.

Rage is a late stage of anger where a person suddenly becomes extremely aggressive, physically alert and out of control.

Its not unusual for a person to break an object or to hurt someone badly while experiencing rage. Now the question is, why does rage feel good? Why do people who experience rage feel better as soon as they lose their temper? This is the question i am going to answer in this article.

Why does rage feel so good

Anger is an emotion that is usually experienced when a person feels that his rights got violated. In such a case the purpose of anger is to motivate a person to take his rights back. So even if anger is a bad emotion in some cases it still has a useful purpose.

But what is the purpose of an emotion that makes a person destroy the objects in his own house?

The main purpose of rage is to help the person become in control and that’s why it feels so good. A person will experience rage when he believes that he has completely lost control. Right before experiencing rage a person might feel hurt, helpless or humiliated.

Because those feelings can make any person feel really bad rage comes as the magical soloution that instantly helps a person feel strong, powerful and in control.

As soon as a person experiences rage his mental state changes from being helpless to being superior to the attacker. After all if you are going to break someone’s neck then certainly you will believe that you are superior to him.

Rage and emotional stability

Why do people start breaking objects?
When a person breaks an object ,even if it belonged to him, he starts to feel more in control over his environment.

Because anger involves a perceived loss of control over the environment any action that helps a person feel in control, even for a short period of time, will help him feel better.

The problem that happens later is that as soon as the person calms down his rage might turn into guilt and mental exhaustion.

Depressed people usually start crying right after experiencing a state of rage. Again anger helps those people feel in control but as soon as it ends their depression comes back in addition to guilt and as a result they feel like wanting to cry.

Both Rage and anger are bad for your mental and physical health and even if rage can make you feel good for a short period of time it will soon make you feel worse. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

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