April 26, 2017
How the accumulation of problems ruins your mood
April 26, 2017
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why does my mood go up and down



How your mood changes throughout the day

You woke up one day feeling a bit down. You took your morning coffee and felt a lot better. One hour later you found yourself feeling irritated. You had a cigarette and felt a lot better. Few hours later you felt really stressed but after you had lunch you felt better.

by night you were feeling bad without understanding why but when you had couple of beers you felt real good. You went to bed feeling fine only to wake up the next day feeling down.

Does this day sound familiar to you?
How many of your days are marked by ups and downs in your mood without a possible reason?

Why does my mood go up and down

Did you notice anything about the previous description of that typical day?
Its very clear that there are certain things that you do throughout the day that improves your mood and makes you feel better such as drinking coffee or smoking.

As soon as you stop using those things or as soon as their effect runs out you start feeling down again. But why does this happen?

There is something called the set point which is your normal mood at a given day without any external influences. Now the problem in this case is not with the frequency of use of mood enhancers but its with your own set point!

The problem is that your mood is already wrecked and that’s why you keep trying to improve it throughout the day using different bad habits.

Smoking, drinking, compulsive Facebook checking, masturbation, nail biting and many of your daily bad habits are there only because your mood set point is already very low.

Now as soon as the effect of any of these habits run out you return back to your set point and feel really bad.

How to prevent your mood fluctuations?

There is only one way to fix these mood fluctuations which is to make sure that your set point is already high so that you don’t need to do extra effort to push your mood up.

So how can you change your mood’s set point? The answer is: By fixing your long term problems!

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that short term changes such as work stress, small events that happen throughout the day or bad news certainly affects your mood but what affects your mood more are your long term problems.

Are you satisfied with your life?
Are there important long term problems that you are ignoring?
Do you know that those long term problems are responsible for your current set point?

By working on your long term problems and improving your life you won’t just become more resistant to mood swings but you will also give up on many of the bad habits that you do just to stabilize your mood.

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