Why do women like tall men



Do i have to be tall to be liked by women?

Do women only like tall men?
Do short men have a chance?
How tall should a man be for a woman to like him?

Before i answer those questions Let me first talk about the studies made about tall men. Studies have shown that women prefer men who are taller than them but who aren’t necessary very tall. Studies have also shown that women find tall men more attractive than shorter men.

So does this mean that a man must be tall in order for women to like him?
No that’s not correct.

Women’s physical attraction to men is powerfully controlled by psychological factors. A woman doesn’t find a tall man attractive because being tall is sexy but because they unconsciously think that this man is more dominant and more able to protect them and their children. (see also How do women choose their mates)

The psychological explanation for the preference for tall men

I am not a fan at all of evolutionary psychology because it sometimes doesn’t make any sense but sometimes i find some accurate information when reading about evolutionary psychology research. According to evolutionary psychology women wanted to be with strong men who can protect them and their children from other aggressive men.

Because long ago societies didn’t have strict rules that govern them women needed a man who can protect them against other men. This psychological need wired women’s brains to look for men who seemed more powerful. (see also Why Good women fall for bad men)

And just like you might have already guessed physical height can signal more power. Thus women don’t usually look for tall men because tall men are more attractive but the truth is that women find tall men more attractive because they believe that those men can protect them.

What can a short man do?

If for example a woman wanted to be with a man who is rich then a man who is ambitious but not rich might still appeal to that woman simply because she wanted a rich man to meet a certain psychological need. Now that the ambitious man can help that woman meet her need of security she might find him as attractive as the rich one.

The same goes for height. A man who can demonstrate his ability to protect the woman by being more dominant and strong can still be favored by women even if he wasn’t tall.

The second important fact is that most women care about dating a man taller than them. In other words you don’t have to be six feet two to appeal to a woman but you just have to be taller than her and if you are not then don’t worry. Just do what was described in the previous few paragraphs.


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