Why do we feel bad



Consider this a warning

Suppose that you were working at a certain company and that you arrived 2 hours late to your office and then when your manager caught you sneaking he gave you a warning and told you that you must never do that again.

Now what if the next day you were 3 hours late and then your manager caught you once again, what will be his response this time?

Most probably he will give you a bigger warning and he might even lay you off.

But what does this example has to do with the bad feelings we experience? Actually there is a big deal of similarity between the two cases because bad feelings are warnings too but in this case your mind is the one sending them.

Why do we feel bad?

When your mind finds that something is going wrong it sends you a certain warning in the form of bad emotions so that you take actions, however, if you ignored your problem the warning level will increase and the intensity of the bad feelings will become higher.

Bad feelings are the same as the warnings your manager gave you in the first example and they also do increase as long as the problem that caused the warning is becoming bigger.

Suppose that you were obese and that you had a poor self image. Every time you will binge the warning will come in the form of guilt and bad feelings. If you kept doing it over and over the intensity of the bad feelings will increase until your mind will find no other way to stop you but to send the strongest warning signal it can send, which is depression!!

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can be nothing more than a signal sent to you by your mind as a result of accumulating certain problems without trying to fix them.

Why don’t people feel happy

Sadly some people have got a very bad habit which is using quick fixes to deal with their bad emotions instead of responding to the signals. Suppose that in the previous example you started drinking after your manager shouted at you!!

Of course this might make you forget about the problems for a temporary period of time but the consequences of this quick fix might let you lose your job.

Some people do bad habits to fix their moods, others try to travel or to do something new but in the end these can only be called temporary fixes and not permanent solutions and that’s why those people never experience real happiness.

In my article what is real happiness I explained how real happiness can only be found when you respond to the signals sent to you by your mind by solving the problems that you have.

Ignore the signals and their intensity will increase until you will find yourself feeling so down or respond to them and try fixing the problems and you will feel great.

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