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April 26, 2017
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April 26, 2017
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Why do i feel bad when i try to do anything



The purpose of emotions

One of the common concerns that many people have is that they sometimes feel really bad whenever they try to work or do anything meaningful. before i can tell you why this happens i first need to tell you quickly about the nature of emotions

When talked about the nature of emotions earlier i said that they always have a purpose. Emotions aren’t there to bother you but they have the purpose of directing you and helping you in changing your course so that you achieve the maximum benefit.

So based on these concepts we can conclude that your mind can change your emotions anytime in order to send you a specific message. Now how can that be connected to feeling bad whenever you try to do anything?

One of the very famous catastrophic advice given to people who feel bad is to keep themselves busy. Based on that advice so many people learned how to ignore the messages coming from their minds and how to distract themselves by doing anything that is totally unrelated to their current emotions.

In other words this advice motivated people to ignore the signal sent by their minds and to distract themselves from it. But when the mind notices that the signal didn’t work it sends an even more powerful signal and this is why the person ends up feeling worse. See Why keeping yourself busy never treats depression

Why do i feel bad when i try to do anything

When your mind sends you a certain emotion such as sadness then probably it’s trying to do point your attention to something. Now as soon as you try to do any action your mind will check to see whether this action can help remove that bad mood or not.

But when your mind finds that you are doing something totally unrelated to the signal then it will make the signal stronger. It’s as if a thirsty person asked you for a drink then you responded by patting on their back.

Your mind sends you such signals so that it points your attention to the things that really matter to you. Now when you try to do an activity that is totally unrelated to the reason the signal was sent then certainly you are going to feel bad. See The reason your emotions keep changing all the time.

It’s not that your mind doesn’t want you to do anything that makes you feel bad but it’s just the fact that your mind wants you to take the right actions.

Now let me give you an example to make this very clear. If one day you felt bad because you have no friends then probably you are going to feel worse if you tried to do some work or to read a book.

In such a case your mind sent you those bad feelings because it wants you to go out, develop social skills and connect with others. Once you respond to this signal in the proper way then the bad mood will go away.

Keeping yourself busy is a catastrophe

Based on the previous facts keeping yourself busy is actually a catastrophe. Instead of doing the right actions that your mind is trying to direct you to this habit pushes you in the totally wrong direction and this is why your pain never ends.

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