Why being mysterious works



Why being mysterious works

There is a debate between people about whether being mysterious can make you more attractive to the opposite sex or not.

The main reason many people haven’t reached any final conclusion for that issue is that they don’t know enough information about how the mind works and how attraction really happens.

According to the psychology of falling in love the best thing you can do to attract a person to you is to appear mysterious and to reveal very little information about yourself and your intentions.

But why being mysterious works? In this article i will answer this question and give you enough scientific reasons to reassure you about the answer.

Being mysterious and the psychology of attraction

In my previous article about the psychology of attraction i explained how each and every person gets attracted to completely different things based on his background and past experiences. (see Love psychology explained)

That’s why in my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the best way to make someone fall in love with you is to first understand the things that attract him then use them to impress him.

So what does being mysterious has to do with this?
The mistake most people make when trying to attract someone is that they try to impress others using a general formula forgetting that what works for a person might turn off the other person.

The beauty about being mysterious is that it allows the mind of your target to wander and to imagine that you have all the qualities that he is looking for.

The human mind always tries to fill the gaps with information that can make it happy. When you become mysterious after showing few positive points then the mind of your target will assume that you have lots of other positive qualities and so he will become more attracted to you.

Its as if you gave the person the starting point and then allowed his mind to visualize whatever he would love to find in you. If you didn’t become mysterious you might reveal things that turns the person off but if you allowed him to do the visualization then he will only imagine what he loves to find.

Being mysterious and showing your intentions

Showing your intentions at an early stage is always a great mistake. Before you can tell someone that you like him you first need to make sure that he is really into you and that won’t happen before you confuse him for sometime.

Being mysterious and not showing your intentions in the beginning forces the person to think about you more often and to become more confused. This confusion then turns into deep attachment.

A researcher found that people quickly forget about resolved matters but always remember unfinished businesses. So in short, if a person is unsure that you like him then he will never stop thinking about you.

If you remained mysterious for a while then person’s attachment towards you will become strong enough to let him hold on to you even after you reveal your intentions.(see also What attracts people to each other)

In short, being mysterious works.

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