why are some people always angry



why are some people always angry

I am sure you know one of those people who are always angry
Why do those people shout all the time?
and why do they lose their temper whenever the slightest thing happens?

In this article i will explain why are some people always angry.

Our perception changes whenever our emotions change

Research has shown that our perception changes depending on the emotional state we experience.

For example, after watching an action movie or playing video games that are full of violence some people report to be more aggressive. Even though the effect is temporary still its quite noticeable.

So if something changed your emotional state your perception of the same situation might change completely and you will see it from a complete different angle.

For example if you were trying to fix something at your home you might not become irritated if you didn’t manage to do it at the first attempt but if any other event happened and made you become a little irritated then you might find the same task completely irritating even though you were OK with it few moments ago.

So what does this has to do with being angry all the time?

No what if someone had a big problem in his life that trapped him in a certain mood all the time? What if someone failed to achieve a certain important goal in his life or felt that life is not fair?

Won’t that person be angry all the time? he will be angry all the time and his perception of all situations will be affected by his anger, thus he will appear to be bad tempered all the time.

In the Solid Self confidence program i also said that people who feel that they didn’t manage to reach their life goals feel worthless all the time and this affects their perception of each situation that they encounter. They might feel that others are making fun of them even when other people aren’t even noticing them.

In short, if you are haunted by a certain emotion it will affect your perception and so your behavior will be abnormal all the time, that’s why you might come across a person who loses his temper at the slightest thing.

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