Why am I weak



Why am I weak

No its not an article about physical weakness because as soon as you start eating well and taking care of your health your physical strength will be restored, but what can’t be easily eliminated is emotional weakness.

Feeling helpless, broken, down or depressed can’t just make you feel weak but it can also convince your mind that you are a weak person and affect your way of dealing with the future life problems you face.

The self concept is the term used to describe the way you perceive yourself. If you kept thinking that you are weak every time you face a problem then your self concept itself will be changed to “A weak person” and this is where you will find yourself feeling helpless most of the time.

You are weak because you gave up

Just as you can form an impression of a person you just met your subconscious mind can form an impression of you which is called the self concept. Try treating people very well for few days and you will find yourself one day saying “I think I am a good person”

Saying such a phrase means that your self concept has been upgraded because your subconscious mind changed its beliefs about you.

No one was born believing that he is weak but as people progress in their lives their self concepts change according to the way they deal with their problems. Those who continue fighting even if they did not win their battles consider themselves strong while those who give up consider themselves weak. (see How to stop being so weak)

I know there are lots of things that are bothering you right now and I know that you have dreams that you want to achieve but do you know that fighting for them is the only thing that can make you feel strong?

Weakness is in most cases helplessness

In most cases when someone says that he is feeling weak it usually means that he is feeling helpless. I know that sometimes you may face problems that require certain skills that you don’t have but why didn’t you consider learning these skills?

Did you try to learn martial arts in order to threaten your bullies?
Did you learn how to be assertive in order to stop those who violate your rights?
Did you improve your personal and technical skills in order to find a better job?
Did you learn social skills so that you kill your shyness or loneliness?
Did you seek the answers for the questions that have been bothering you for long?

If your answers were not yes then no wonder you are feeling weak. If you want to feel strong then 1) don’t give up 2) figure out what problems you are facing 3) figure out the skills you need to solve them 4) learn these skills 5) use them to solve the problems and you will feel like a strong person.

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