Which Are The Most Common Types of Asthma



Most people suffering of asthma have similar symptoms like coughing, wheezing, a feeling of pain or pressure in the chest and shortness of breath. These symptoms become more acute when the imminence of an asthma attack is higher and other symptoms, such as difficulty in talking, pale lips, feelings of fear and panic are added to these. Yet, even though generally these symptoms are characteristic for almost all asthmatics, there are more types of asthma which can be encountered.

Depending on the moment of the day when asthma is triggered or the factors which provoke it, there can be individuated about five types of asthma. One of the most common types of asthma is the allergic asthma. In this case the allergies and asthma go hand in hand, causing asthma attacks whenever the individual comes in contact with the allergens to which they are sensitive to. In this case, to the common symptoms of asthma are also added those of allergy rhinitis, such as runny and swollen nose, continuous sneezing, weepy eyes and excessive mucus.

Another very frequent type of asthma is the exercise-induced asthma. This type of ailment is mainly triggered by physical exercises. If you have noticed that the asthma attacks are only happening when you run or do physical exercises, then you are probably suffering of exercise-induced asthma. In order to be able to breath normally when exercising you may need to get an inhaler and use it before actually starting your daily exercise routine.

The cough-variant asthma is triggered by extremely powerful coughing, which will simply not stop. There are many factors which can stay behind the extreme cough, such as rhinitis, sinusitis or heartburn. Thus, if you cough a lot and feel like you are choking during the periods with excessive cough, make sure you visit a doctor.

The occupational asthma and the nighttime asthma are the last two types of asthma. They occur only in particular times of the day (the working hours in case of the occupational asthma and the nighttime during the nighttime asthma). If your asthma attacks are getting more acute in these periods then you are suffering of one of these two types of ailments.

No matter which type of asthma you (think) you have, it is highly important to go to the doctor for an accurate diagnostic, which will enable you to start the right treatment for your type of asthma. 

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