What women look for in men



What women look for in men

Research has shown that all women across the globe get attracted to resourceful men, who are tall and who have proportional faces and bodies.

The thing that confuses most people who try to understand the psychology of attraction is that they find some women who seem to be attracted to men who don’t posses any of these things!

Does this mean that these researches are incorrect? No they are not.

In my previous article How behaviour is learned i said that the more complex an organism is the more capacity it has for learning. By default simple organisms will always function in the same way that they were programmed to function with throughout their lifetime.

Because humans are complex they have a capacity to learn and to override the programming they were initially created with.

In other words, all women look for the same things in men (the ones that were pointed out by the researches) unless they get programmed to prefer different traits.

Read this article to understand exactly what women look for in men.

Understanding what women want

Its now known that all women prefer tall men. Tall here means taller than them and not tall compared to other men. This means that a short guy will still have a good chance if he was taller than his target. (see also Help me i am short)

But why would a woman marry a man who is shorter than her even though this goes directly against the way she was programmed to function with the day she was created? (see Does God exist).

Mary, a young girl was six years old when her mother gave birth to another girl. Mary saw her father becoming shocked that day and she heard him saying that he wanted a boy.

For months her father was distant and cold and this taught her one incorrect fact: Women are no good and that men are way better.

Because she developed such a belief she had one of two options. To rebel against the identity of a woman by becoming a man or to prove to herself that women are better than men. (see also Tomboy psychology)

When Mary grew up she started to become attracted to men who are shorter than her because, unconsciously, this made her feel that women are better than men!

Women look for certain traits unless they are programmed to think otherwise

Of course i am not intending to say that all women who prefer short men think that way but i am just giving one real life example to illustrate the concept of attraction.

Put in mind that all of the previous thoughts happened on the unconscious level in Mary’s mind, in other words, she never understood why she liked men who are shorter than her.

So what conclusion can we make about the things women look for in men?
All women look for certain traits in men that are determined by their biology unless they are programmed to prefer other traits (because of a certain experience that they have been through). (see also How to attract someone).

That’s why in my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the only way to make someone fall in love with you is to understand him first before you try to impress him.

If you depended on general research findings you might get lucky with a woman or two but for most women you will need to understand how they were programmed exactly in order to know what they are looking for.

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