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Do women care about looks

This question confuses many guys because of the presence of contradicting facts. When guys read researches that explain what attracts women to men they find financial resources, personality and ambition on top of the list however when they deal with women they find them chasing good looking guys and that’s it!

So how can this mystery be explained?
Research says that women are attracted to the most resourceful men because the need for protection and the desire to have a man who can take care of the off springs is a hard wired biological drive in women. (see Does money attract women)

On the other hand you find women talking about how amazing a certain man looks and you find others madly in love with movie heroes just because they look good.
what’s going on in here?

Here is the explanation

Most women care about looks but not as much as men do except for those who have a low self esteem because in such a case they would want to prove that they can get the good looking man (see also Do looks really matter to women).

Most women will get attracted to the resourceful man more than they get attracted to the good looking man but because looks are the first thing to be noticed many women chase attractive men just because they don’t recognize resourceful ones.

In other words if a handsome man and an average looking man with high status went to a public place then the handsome man will catch the attention of women first however if the high status man managed to communicate his status then most women will go for him.

Women chase attractive men because average looking men don’t market their status and resources well. Of course its much easier for the attractive man to get initial interest simply because his best is written on his face.

As for the resourceful man his chance might be way better if he managed to demonstrate his status in a good way.

How can a man market himself?

Women get attracted to resourceful men, confident ones and Alpha males. A resourceful man isn’t necessary the one who has the money but he can be the one who has the resources that can help him get the money one day (ambition for example).

An average looking man must market these traits correctly in order to realize his full potential else the woman will make the comparison based on what she can see (looks) and he will lose the comparison.

In brief, women do care about looks but there are other things that they care about and in most cases those other things carry more weight than looks. However when a woman can see nothing but looks, because of poor marketing strategies that the average looking man uses, then the best looking man will win.

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