What to do if you are not his/her type



What if you are not his/her type?

According to the psychology of attraction people don’t consider anyone a potential partner before he meets certain conscious and unconscious requirements.

For example one of these requirements for a woman might be “he must be tall” and one of these requirements for a man might be “she must be blond”

So what if a short man wanted to date a woman who is looking for a tall man or what if a brunette fell in love with the man who is looking for a blond, do they have any chance? Can someone attract another person even if he not the latter’s type?

Yes of course this can happen! but before you know how it can be done you first need to understand how attraction happens.

How attraction happens

The subconscious mind of a person can receive the same message through different channels. If a man saw a very beautiful woman then he might assume that she is popular, if the same man saw an average looking woman on TV then he will also assume that she is popular.

In both cases the man concluded that the woman is popular even though he received the message through different channels.

So what does this has to do with attraction?
In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that People have types because they associate certain traits with certain physical features. (see Why do certain people like certain facial features)

The woman who is looking for a tall man might be looking for a protective and strong man. Now once you understand what this woman is looking for you can show her that you have it through a different channel.

In such a case, being confident, wealthy or ambitious will send the same message to that woman through a different channel and so she might sacrifice the physical height constrain. (see Do short men have any chance)

The man who was looking for the blond might be an attention seeker who wants to show others that he can win the heart of a popular woman, in such a case if the brunette made him realize that she is popular as well then he will forget about his preferred type and go for her.

Understanding why people look for certain types is the key

Your efforts will be in vain unless you know exactly why your target is looking for a certain type. If you understood your target perfectly and knew what traits he has associated with the type he is looking for then you can show him that you posses these traits even if you are not his type.

Here is a final example. A woman who is looking for a man with masculine looks, because she wants to feel safe, can sacrifice that condition if she knew that another man practices martial arts.

In short, As long as you can send send the same message across a different channel then you can still attract a person even if you are not his type.

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