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What attracts people to each other



What attracts people to each other

What attracts people to each other?
and why would someone find a person attractive?

Contrary to common beliefs attraction is not something supernatural or something that can hardly be understood but there are lots of rules that govern the process. While all people become attracted to others in the same way still it happens for a different reason with each person.

In this article i will tell you what attracts people to each other and how can you manipulate this info to increase your own attractiveness.

This is what attracts people to each other


  • Physical attraction: The first factor that attracts people to each other is looks. Physical looks on its own can do no good but its represents the doorway to which many people start from. Most men are first attracted to physical looks which then motivates them to dig further and know more about the person. Contrary to common beliefs not all people give the same priority to physical attraction even if they were attractive themselves. Everyone has his own attraction map that is completely unique and that includes the common items such as physical looks according to the importance the person assigned to them (see Do looks really attract women?).
  • Physical proximity and attraction: The second factor that attracts people to each other is physical proximity. Research has shown that people usually become attracted to those they meet often or those who live near by them. If you want to attract a person to you then make sure you let him see you often
  • Familiarity: The third and very important factor that attracts people to each other is familiarity. People get attracted to the one they are familiar with, the ones that resemble their parents or the ones who share some common traits with them. This is another reason why physical proximity increases attractiveness. When someone sees someone else more often he becomes more familiar with him and it becomesmore likely that he gets attracted to him see (do likes attract)
  • Culture and attractiveness: Another factors that affects the way people get attracted to each other is the culture. In my article Attractiveness and culture i explained how the culture the person lives in can define his attraction map and let him prefer a certain trait that is not preferred in another culture
  • Complementary traits and attractiveness: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the most powerful factor that influences how people get attracted to each other is complementary traits. Each person has his own attraction map that he acquired as a result of his past experiences. If you managed to match this attraction map and show the person that you have the complementary traits that he is in need of you will easily attract him have recently released a Book the 3 week diet ,the 3 week diet book is a revolutionary new diet system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight— it promises to help you60-day lose more weight — all body fat — faster than anything else you’ve ever tried the 3 week diet book is a 100% guarantee that it will help you to 23 pound in 21 days else you will be refunded. 60 day money back guarantee


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