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This is why you feel good one day and bad the next day



The purpose of emotions

Why would you feel good one day and bad the next day?
Why does your mood change severely from one day to another?

People who don’t truly understand how the brain works quickly try to label their mood changes in order to understand them. It’s not uncommon for a person who experiences such mood swings to believe that they have bipolar depression.

The problem with such labels is that they elude people by forcing them to overlook the fact that they are doing something wrong.

When it comes to emotional change everything happens for a reason. Your mind is always concerned about your well being and as a result it sometimes changes your emotions to help you do what’s best for you.

Let’s suppose that you have an important exam in a week. Imagine what would happen if you have never felt worried or anxious. Probably you are not going to study and this can lead to failure. See why worrying is a good thing.

Failure in such a case can result in severe emotional pain and this is why your brain decided to make you feel anxious and worried for a week instead of allowing you to experience that prolonged pain. See Where do emotions come from

This is why you feel good one day and bad the next day

The previous section made it clear why your mood sometimes change but still it didn’t explain why your emotions can change from the positive to the negative for no apparent reason.

Of course if anything bad happened on the next day then you won’t be wondering why your emotions changed but the reason you are puzzled is that your emotions seemed to have changed for no reason.

What happened here exactly is that there was an unconscious reason ,that resulted in this emotional change, that you didn’t consciously notice.

When i talked about mood swings earlier i said that in many cases they happen on the unconscious level when we notice some kind of a trigger that reminds us of an important problem that we didn’t yet manage to solve.

Now let me give you an example to make the whole concept clear. On Saturday you felt really bad because you realized that you procrastinate too much and that you don’t have important goals in life. You pushed those thoughts away and tried hard to forget about them until you managed to do so to a certain extent.

On Monday you traveled with friends and had a perfect day and so those negative thoughts hardly came to your mind. On Tuesday morning you woke up feeling good until your eyes noticed a piece of paper on your desk that had a plan that you never followed.

It didn’t take you a fraction of a second to notice the paper because you weren’t paying conscious attention to it but your subconscious mind got very concerned because it reminded it of the serious problem you already have.

Shortly you found yourself feeling bad without understanding what’s going on and then you started to develop weird beliefs such as ‘i am bipolar’ or ‘my mood changes for no reason’

Stop running away from your problems

The main reason such mood swings happen to you is that you are always trying to run away from your problems, to act like they don’t exist and to even do your best to forget them.

In my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that The problem with trying to do all that is that your subconscious mind will always come back at you to remind you of them. Because the human memory is a highly interconnected network so many things can remind you of your problems in a given day.

Tens or even hundreds of cues can remind your subconscious mind , in a fraction of a second, of your unsolved problems. In my article Why your life should be purpose driven i said that no matter how hard you try to escape from your important goals they will always find you simply because they are a part of you.

Your mood doesn’t change because you are crazy or bipolar.
Your mood changes all of a sudden because there is an ongoing fight between your conscious and subconscious mind.
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