Why we follow others

I want to be successful.
A phrase that is said by almost everybody.
It’s a basic human nature to want to be successful and to prove yourself worthy. Yet so many people strive with success because of so many different reasons. One of those reasons is not knowing what success is.

It’s pretty common for a person to look up to the people around him to define his goals and needs without ever taking the time to look deeply inside himself.

So many people start a journey towards big goals ,that they don’t really care about, just because of peer pressure. After all when a person doesn’t really know what he wants he can easily think that he will want what others want.

Yes so many people care about money but does this mean that success is all about getting rich?
If you answered this question with ‘no’ then you got it wrong and if you answered it with ‘yes’ then you also got it wrong.

The right answer is ‘it depends’.

It depends

In order to know what success means for you a proper level of self understanding needs to be achieved. Why do you think many people feel dissatisfied when they reach some of the goals they were after for years?

The answer is very simple, those people didn’t really want those goals but they were just following the rules defined to them by other people. If you spent your whole life going after money then became very rich you will still not feel happy if money wasn’t extremely important for you.

If you don’t want to have kids then got married and had three kids because everyone told you that a child will make you happy then certainly you will become miserable.

The mistake most people make is that they assume that they are very similar to everyone around them and as a result they pursue the same exact goals others follow only to find themselves unhappy in the end.

So what is success?
the right answer is : It depends
It depends on your own very special needs.
It depends on your own unique wants.
It depends on your own personality.

There can hardly be success without self understanding

The first step for success is not writing down your goals. The first step for success is knowing what your goals are. Without a proper level of self understanding you will fail to find out what you really want and as a result you might never achieve success.

Once you get to know yourself perfectly you will be able to tell the difference between what you really want and what you thought you wanted because everyone else wanted it.

If in the end you discovered that you want some of the things that many people want ,such as money and fame, it will still be perfectly right for you because now you know you really want those things.

Success is like happiness, it depends greatly on who you are. People failed to find one definition for happiness simply because each one of us is different and because what makes a person happy won’t make the other happy.

Success follows the same rule.
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