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May 11, 2019
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May 11, 2019
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Managing unwanted emotions through relaxation

Relaxation is a very effective method that can be used in dealing with stress,anxiety or fears.

When you become relaxed your mental resources become more free and you become much more capable of taking correct decisions. Relaxation can even make you feel more confident because it increases the sense of being in control.

By learning how to relax you can reduce the daily amount of stress you face. You usually experience unwanted emotions because you don’t have any other choice. By introducing a new choice to your subconscious mind which is relaxing and controlling yourself stress and anxiety will have less effect on you.

Relaxation can give you access to your mind’s resources

Relaxation will also allow you to have access to all of your mind’s resources. Under the effect of emotions it might be hard to think rationally or to make efficient use of your memory. Relaxation allows you to be more in control and so it allows you to access all of your mind’s resources.

There are many relaxation techniques that you can do in order to get into a relaxed state.The following are some of the famous relaxation techniques:

Relaxation Techniques

  • Deep breathing: The first thing you can do in order to relax is to breath deeply. Throughout our lives we may have learned to breathe quickly and this habit increases our anxieties and stress. Try now to take few deep breaths with a very slow rate and see how you feel. You will probably find that you are much more relaxed. Try to train yourself so that this way of deep breathing becomes your normal way of breathing.
  • Use suggestions: The second thing you can do in order to relax is to use suggestion. By repeating words or phrases in your mind like “relaaaax” or “I’m going into a deep relaxation state” your subconscious mind will get programmed. Your subconscious mind can be programmed by suggestions and so this suggestion will help you in relaxing faster .
  • Visualization: Visualization is also very helpful. You can imagine yourself sitting in very relaxing place like for example sitting beside the sea or any imaginary place you can create that can help you relax. Note that visualization is also a form of sending suggestions to your subconscious mind.
  • Focus on each part: You can start to focus on each part of your body alone and then relaxing it. First think of your right hand then relax it, then move to the left hand and relax it, then to your foot and so on until you relax your whole body. It can be very helpful to first tighten each muscle before relaxing it. This can make you experience relaxation in a deeper way .
  • Avoid brain conflicts: In my previous article The anatomy of stress” i said that when two tasks compete for the brain’s attention stress happens. Make sure you don’t multitask and that you finish your tasks one by one to prevent this
  • Leave the stressful environment: Leaving the stressful environment , even for 5 minutes, is one of the things that can help you reduce stress and become more relaxed. If you can walk in a park or connect with nature in any possible way then your stress will go lower
  • Reduce brain demand: You can reduce the demand on your brain by either reducing the number of things you are doing or by making fixations to your external environment such as removing distractions. 
  • Meditate: Meditation can help in getting over stress and in making you relax. If you can’t leave your environment then meditation can be a good option for relaxation
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