Social anxiety


what is social anxiety

If you feel anxious in public places, if you feel that you are always being watched, if you always find yourself afraid to do anything not to get embarrassed or if you fear job interviews and public speaking so much then there is a great possibility that you suffer from social anxiety.

people who suffer from social anxiety become self conscious in public places and feel that everybody is watching them.

A person suffering from social anxiety will always feel anxious around other people because of being afraid to make a mistake that draws any attention to them.

People who have social anxiety always hate job interviews , public speaking and events that force them to deal with strangers.

The fear of Embarrassment is one of the biggest fears people who suffer from social anxiety have in addition to fear of Rejection

What Causes of social anxiety?

social anxiety is like many other personal disorders that are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. However when you examine such a disorder from this superficial angle you will certainly make it harder for yourself to treat it or to properly understand it.

In order for a psychological disorder to be properly treated the underlying cause behind that imbalance must be examined.

Behind this chemical imbalance there might be many reasons that contribute to your social anxiety like inferiority feelings, lack of self confidence, over sensitivity to Criticism, shyness, thinking that you are worthless or poor past experience with people (like a history of abuse for example).

Because your mind will always want to protect you from shame and embarrassment it will protect you by making you feel anxious around others so that you become motivated to avoid them at all costs.

Here is how your mind thinks about the matter: If you are already defective or incompetent then it would be embarrassing to let others discover this fact and so it might be better to let you avoid people all together just to solve the problem.

Dealing with Social Anxiety

there are many ways that can help you deal with social anxiety such a:

  • Understanding the real cause: The most important thing you need to do in order to deal with social anxiety is to understand the real cause behind it. Once that cause is discovered treatment is going to be much easier
  • building self confidence: Building self confidence can help you get over social anxiety if the cause of social anxiety was lack of confidence.
  • Knowing how to deal with emotional sensitivity: While emotional sensitivity might not be the direct cause of social anxiety still it will intensify the symptoms
  • Getting over self-Consciousness: Learning how to get over the feelings of self Consciousness or the feelings of being watched .
  • Dealing with the fear of making mistakes:  how one of the main reasons people feel anxious around others is believing that it’s embarrassing to make a mistake. Fixing your incorrect Beliefs about making mistakes and knowing that humans make mistakes as a part of their nature will help you feel less anxious
  • Dealing with perfectionism: Trying to be a perfectionist can also result in social anxiety since it will but more pressure on you in social situations. Learn how to deal with perfectionism and you will reduce your social anxiety

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