Similarity and attraction theory



similarity and attraction theory

What is the connection between similarity and the attraction theory?
Do likes attract? and if that’s true then how do we sometimes get attracted to those who have complimentary personality traits?

For the first instance those arguments might appear contradictory but when you look deeper you will find that they are perfectly aligned with each other. In this article i will tell you about the exact connection between similarity and the attraction theory.

The connection between similarity and the attraction theory

First of all according to all researches people get attracted to the ones they are familiar with. That’s why i said in the article physical proximity and attraction that when you see someone more often you become more familiar with him and this increases the possibility of being attracted to him.

According to the attraction theory you don’t need to see someone everyday in order for him to become familiar to you but sometimes you might meet a person who appears familiar even if its the first time you meet him.

This happens because this person has similar looks to someone who is already familiar to you, for example your father, mother or a close friend.

The attraction theory also states that people get attracted to those who share similar beliefs and similar personality traits with them.

So similarity is needed for attraction to happen because people prefer the ones they are familiar with over the ones they know nothing about.

Similarity, attraction theory and complementary traits

Let me give you an example that would make this clear, a shy girl who has a good sense of humor might be attracted to a guy who has a good sense of humor too (similar to her) and who is confident (complementary to her shyness).

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