Self consciousness


Why is everyone watching me?

Do you sometimes feel that everyone is watching you?
Do you panic when you make mistakes?
Do you fear social interactions especially when strangers are around?

If your answers were yes then you have an excessive self consciousness problem.
Self consciousness is not the same thing as conscious living, while the first is a personal disorder that should be dealt with the second is way of living that can help you become aware of your actions, emotions and decisions.

Self consciousness can result in social withdrawal, shyness and in having no friends at all. Fortunately dealing with self consciousness is not hard at all, in this article I will explain how you can eliminate the feelings of self consciousness completely.

Overcoming self consciousness

While there are many root causes for excessive self consciousness still only two factors are the key elements in intensifying such emotions which are the belief that you are being watched and perfectionism.

Researches brought a group of people and asked them to wear clothes that have funny drawings on them then they were taken to a room where observers who knew nothing about the drawings started noticing their behavior. The findings showed that most observers didn’t notice the drawings on the shirts, which means:

  • People don’t give attention to what you are doing
  • Even if you have something that should catch people’s attention like a stain on your shirt most of them won’t notice it.
  • when you trip, incorrectly pronounce a word or make a mistake most people will ignore it unless you draw their attention to it
  • No one is watching you!!


Perfectionism is a disease and not a good trait. All humans make mistakes and it’s not possible for them to act flawlessly. We all make speech mistakes, we all say stupid things and we all walk in a funny way sometimes.

Know that making a mistake is a part of human nature and anyone who laughs at your mistakes lacks self confidence because he has the belief that people should not make mistakes.

No one is watching just take a look

Whenever you feel that people are watching you, stop then turn around to see if anybody is actually looking. Of course you shouldn’t let people notice that you are doing this to observe them but just let it appear as if you are looking for another friend around.

The more you do this the more you will discover that no one is watching you and the sooner this false belief will disappear.

Self consciousness and depression

Can self consciousness result in depression? Yes it can as long as you are not taking any actions to solve this problem. In my book, ignoring your problems and allowing them to accumulate can be the primary cause for depression.

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