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August 6, 2017
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Why Do People Start Smoking? Top 11 Reasons



There are lots of reasons that people take up smoking. Here are 11 of the most common.

Some do apply to teens more than grown-ups, but many people including myself did start smoking in their teens… because the younger you are, the more impressionable you are.

However, remember this, not even one of these reasons is a good reason to smoke, and there are way more reasons (and better reasons) not to smoke.

1) Curiosity. You’ve heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat”. I know I couldn’t help myself to try a cigarette when I was younger out of sheer curiosity.

2) To do something bad, risky. You know smoking is bad for you, and everyone tells you not to smoke. But there is a rebel inside all of us that wants to do the complete opposite of what we should do.

3) Being around others that smoke. When you see smoking often, you are even more tempted to try it than you otherwise would be.

4) To fit in. You see all your friends smoke and just want to be one of the crowd.

5) To be a social smoker. You smoke at social events thinking it is ok as long as you don’t smoke every day. But you are at greater risk of smoking more often if you do this.

6) When drunk. Alcohol is associated with smoking a lot. And when you are drunk, it breaks down your self-restraint and commitment to not smoking.

7) To relieve stress. You think it will help you reduce stress and relax, but smoking actually raises your blood pressure.

8) To look cool. You might believe it makes you look cool, or follow others you think look cool smoking

9) Parental influence. You are conditioned by your environment and the people you are around most often. So seeing them smoke, can lead to the same habit.

10) Advertising. Advertising and the media, especially in the olden days, made smoking look cool, remember the Marlboro man?

11) To lose weight. Nicotine apparently suppresses appetite and you may think that smoking will keep you slim. However, being conscious of what you eat is really the main factor here to lose weight, and stay slim.

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