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August 7, 2017
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Why Do People Find it So Hard to Quit Smoking?



The short answer is that they do not know how to go about it. A lot of advice out there is geared towards the negative side of quitting smoking…

it’s really hard, nicotine withdrawal is will be a problem etc, etc.

But nicotine only stays in the body for 48 hours, so why does it need to be a problem after this period has passed? Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) like e-cigarettes and nicotine patches also come highly recommended. But why would you prolong the nicotine addiction? It’s like giving a heroin user more heroin!

I know that NRTs have worked for some and that is a good thing… as I always say “use what works for you”. But going cold turkey without aids is still the most popular way to quit smoking by far. And when you’ve weaned yourself off nicotine using e-cigarettes or nicotine patches, what do you do then? I mean, you can still get the thoughts to smoke at any time.

You know, that niggling thought that keeps saying “it would be nice to have a cigarette now” or “just one won’t hurt”. This is where the problem needs to be dealt with… in the mind. You do this by changing your thoughts… keeping in mind why it would be better not to smoke… “it tastes horrible”, “all my hard work will be wasted if I start smoking again”. It can be whatever resonates with you best to make you not want to smoke.

One or two reasons why you quit smoking in the first place can be very powerful too, if you keep them in mind constantly. Constant repetition of these thoughts and better thoughts in situations where you are tempted to smoke will become new habits of thinking to replace the old habits.

The reason people find it hard to quit smoking is because they focus on the negativity around quitting smoking, they are going about quitting in the wrong way and neglecting the most important thing… your mindset and thoughts around quitting smoking. If you focus on changing your thoughts, you also find it easier to quit smoking… It just takes a shift in your beliefs. Try it and see.  Recently released a book  Quit Smoking Magic  the book that will help you to  Discover How to Quit smoking in as Little as 7 Days, Even if You’ve been a  chain smoker for the past 20 years – with No Relapses, No extra money Needed, and a 98% Success Rate, Guaranteed !the book Quit Smoking Magic is guarantee that you will Quit Smoking  else  you will be refunded.


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