What is Nicotine Nasal Spray & How Can it Help You Quit Smoking?



Nicotine nasal spray is another form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

It can help reduce your cravings to smoke by weaning you off nicotine.

It may not be as convenient as the mouth spray to use in public as it won’t look too good when you’re stuffing something up your nostrils. However, you may find a few short sprays more likeable than constantly chewing nicotine gum, or sucking on nicotine lozenges. You might even prefer it over nicotine patches.

How does the nicotine nasal spray work?

Although nicotine is rapidly absorbed into your system, it is difficult to find any sources that indicate how long it does take to get into your bloodstream and to the brain. However, most NRTs will don’t give you a nicotine hit quicker than a cigarette would… not that I’m advising you to keep smoking cigarettes… but nicotine gets into the bloodstream in just a few seconds through the lungs.

You spray it directly into each nostril; you can do this no more than twice each hour. And no more than 64 sprays in any 24 hour period.

There is no set quit period like you get with nicotine patches, lozenges or gum.

You just use the spray as you need it.

Be sure to check the packaging before use for any side effects, warnings and instructions for usage.

How can nicotine nasal spray help you quit smoking?

Like with all nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) it is certainly possible that this could help you quit by reducing your cravings to smoke, and prolonging the need for a cigarette. Less reliance on cigarettes can motivate you to quit completely. Nasal spray may also help as an aid together with other aids or techniques to quit.

The nicotine nasal spray is the least used of the NRTs, I think because you wouldn’t really want to use it in public… you wouldn’t mind using mouth spray. Some of you may not like the thought of putting something up your nostrils either.

Generally, sources say that NRTs can double your chances of quitting, but some of these sources are the manufacturers of these products who may be a little biased.

Costs for using the nasal spray will vary as there is no set quit period advised… you just use it as long as you need it.

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