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Warts on Legs – How to Remove Leg Warts with Salicylic Acid and Duct Tape



Leg warts are more common on the legs of women than that of men. They are also more common in children and adolescents than older individuals.

A leg wart is a flat wart that occurs on the legs. Usually a single wart may infect the nearby area resulting in a number of new growths that may sometimes amount up to 100 units.

Salicylic acid is an over the counter wart removal medications that has been used throughout history to treat various skin problems. The procedure to treat your leg warts by salicylic acid should be applied on a daily basis and should be applied for several weeks or months. It is as follows:

• Put the salicylic acid on your leg wart
• Cover with a bandage
• Remove the bandage and scrub with a sponge the next day
• Wash preferably with an antibacterial liquid or soap
• Dry the leg wart with a towel
• Repeat the process daily for several weeks until the leg warts are completely gone.

Duct tape can actually be bought from your local hardware and applied on your unwanted growths. The procedure needs to be done on a weekly basis and is as follows:

• Cover your leg warts with the tape
• After six days remove the tape and use a pumice stone to soak the wart in water
• Dry your growths completely by leaving it without any duct tape or other sort of bandage through the night.
• Cover your growths in the morning and repeat the procedure again for several weeks or months until the leg wart is gone completely

The major advantages of these two procedures are that the ingredients used are easily to find, are inexpensive and can be applied in the comfort of your home.

However there are various disadvantages such as:

• They require a lot of commitment
• The skin may be irritated
• Some scarring may occur in the treated area.
• It may take several weeks or months to cure your leg warts by these treatments
• Some leg warts although they may be eliminated, may return some weeks or months later

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