Top 10 Tobacco Producing Countries in the World
August 7, 2017
Why Do Teens Smoke and How Can it be Prevented?
August 7, 2017
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Top 10 Biggest Consumers of Cigarettes in the World 2014



Top 10 Biggest Consumers of Cigarettes in the World 2014

5.8 trillion cigarettes were smoked in 2014 worldwide, and consumption is on the rise.

There have been significant reductions in countries where there are tight tobacco control laws like the UK, Australia and Brazil but this has been offset by the growing consumption of cigarettes in China.

China’s population growth and smoking intensity have been contributing factors with the Chinese smoking 50% more cigarettes in 2013 than they did in 1980. More cigarettes are smoked in China than the next top 29 countries combined.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 consumers:

1) China

2) Russia

3) USA

4) Indonesia

5) Japan

6) Germany

7) India

8) Turkey

9) Korea rep.

10) Vietnam



Countries with 10,000,000 or more daily male smokers: age ≥15, in millions, 2013

264.0 CHINA

106.0 INDIA





18.9 JAPAN






10.1 EGYPT



Proportional consumption of cigarettes by world region as of 2013

This statistic shows the global consumption of cigarettes in 2013, with a breakdown by world region as a percentage of total consumption. Almost half of all cigarettes worldwide are consumed in the Western Pacific region.

Western Pacific: 47%

Europe: 21%

South-East Asia: 11%

Americas: 11%

Eastern Mediterranean: 7%

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