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August 23, 2017
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August 23, 2017
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Psychological Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction



Did you know that there are certain psychological factors that can dramatically increase your risk for developing erectile dysfunction? (Or keep it going strong, and ruining your life if you already have it.) Your mind is a very powerful thing that can have a positive, or negative influence on your body without you even knowing.

Even more disturbing is the fact that many men are suffering from ED due to purely psychological problems. They then end up trying to treat their condition without addressing these factors, making their treatment much less effective, if not complete pointless.

The ED Solution PRO not only teaches you how to treat erectile dysfunction by focusing on physical factors, it also addresses the psychology of erectile dysfunction. Use the link below to watch a video on how The ED Solution PRO can help you to kill your ED or avoid it altogether.

Beating Erectile Dysfunction


Everyone feels down every now and again, but if it persists, you may have a bigger problem. Depression can be caused by a variety of factors, but one thing’s for sure, it isn’t going to do you any favors in the bedroom.

When you’re depressed sex can become a passionless act where you’re just going through the motions. If you’re heart’s not in it, you can bet your “little friend” isn’t going to be doing his part either.

Depending on the severity of the depression, you may need to see a professional, or you may be able to sort things out by practicing a few simple techniques such as:

1. Going for a walk every day
2. Adapting a healthy diet
3. Developing an exercise routine
4. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

Remember, depression can be a very serious condition. If you ever have reoccurring thoughts of harming yourself or others, make sure you talk with a professional ASAP.


Modern life is stressful. It isn’t like caveman days where the only worry was killing a mammoth for food, avoiding sabretooth tigers, and finding a mate. These days we have bills to pay, a family to take care of, and a job to deal with. These adult responsibilities can be a lot to juggle at times.

Unfortunately, failure to manage your stress properly will lead to it catching up with you eventually. And when it does, it can turn you into a joke in the bedroom.

Nothing worse than trying to relieve your stress with some passionate sex only to find your penis doesn’t want to work…

The good news in all of this is that managing your stress is relatively easy as long as nothing too crazy is going on in your life. Here are a few techniques that can help relieve stress:

1. Meditation
2. Taking a hot bath
3. Get a massage
4. Use aroma therapy
5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

Stress is sneaky in the fact that it can be very easy to start thinking of it as normal in your life. But if you don’t watch out, it can be a very strong contributing factor to erectile dysfunction.

If you’re feeling stressed out, don’t be a tough guy and try and fight through it, do something about it. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your partner.

Lack of Confidence

This psychological factor of erectile dysfunction might just be the worst. The reason is that it builds on itself, and becomes a major libido killer if not addressed.

Picture this, you experience a little ED for the first time, so your confidence naturally takes a blow. This leads to the ED getting worse, which leads to even less confidence, which leads to worse ED, and so on.

The next thing you know, you’re left with a limp and useless penis.

Unlike the other two risk factors we talked about, this one is tough to manage. You can’t just suddenly turn on the confidence switch in your brain and revive your penis in the process.

The best way to break the erectile dysfunction/lack of confidence cycle, is to treat the other causes of ED that are likely contributing to your condition.

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