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Prostate Gland 11 Home Remedies

Home Remedies


Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Home remedies for Prostate Enlargement are following recommended by Planet Ayurveda :

Saw Palmetto

Pumpkin seeds

silk from corn

omega-3 oils

Prostate Care Pack by Planet Ayurveda

Drink 8 glasses of water a day


Different things cause Prostate issues, but for me, I found one thing that works best.

My issue is getting up 4 times a night to urinate, and sometimes painful prostate.

My cure was two tablespoons of finely chopped Cilantro along with a table spoon or two of onion. Hotter onions need less onion.

Mexican dinner night! Works great, one dose has me up once a night and the pain is gone. Cure lasts for about two to three weeks.


Mix 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar in a qt of water. Sip it all day until empty. One quart a day does it for me. I used to to take prescription Flomax and now do not need it as long as I drink the mixture daily.


For prostatitis I’ve found omega 3 fish oil tablets and green tea to be helpful. I noticed a gradual improvement after a couple of months. Today I am 80% pain free.


Selenium and lycopene are most important for prostate. The former is supplemented in tablets and the latter either in tablets or in tomato sauce or juice or any red colored vegetables and fruits.


Tomatoes are very good as a preventative measure for men, keeps those prostrate problems from invading their bodies.


Saw palmetto helps relieve benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and promotes prostrate health.


Take bee pollen and ginseng to fortify the prostate and to increase endurance.


Take cayenne, ginger, queen of the meadow, and ura ursi as a preventative measure.


Take juniper berries and parsley together for a swollen prostate caused by water retention.

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