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August 4, 2017
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August 4, 2017
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Premature Graying – How It Affects Self Esteem



It goes without saying that most men and women will go through what is affectionately known as a “bad hair day” at some point during their life. Sometimes it might manifest itself in the form of a limp hairdo, cowlicks, or even premature graying. Numerous studies have been conducted on the significance of bad hair days in accordance with a person’s feeling of self-worth, and the findings speak for themselves- most people actually do suffer from low self-esteem if their hair isn’t what they consider perfectly coifed.

Bad Hair Days and Mental Health
Women in particular suffer from a wide range of emotions when it comes to hair imperfections, namely premature graying. One of the main reasoning’s behind this is that women tend to base their self-worth on their appearance. Researchers worldwide have based a multitude of studies in self-esteem on the basis of what women consider “physical abnormalities”. One of the most significant findings was that premature graying hair and less than luxurious locks made participants feel less smart and less able to do tasks they were normally capable of performing.

In most instances, people suffering from low self-esteem tend to believe that others around them also notice their imperfections, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies have also shown that premature graying and other hair styling problems resulted in participants making negative comments on other areas of their appearance – and life in general. A Yale study concurred that while women reported feelings of shame and embarrassment over their perceived flaws, men involved in the study suffered with a decrease in confidence and more nervousness.

While it’s virtually impossible to keep hair from graying as we age, there are steps that can be taken to maintain a healthy mane and thus promote better self-confidence. Using nutrient-rich shampoos and conditioners and keeping your hair trimmed on a regular basis are a few ways to ensure a high level of self-esteem, but many experts agree that the best way to accomplish this is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and proper exercise. has recently released a  book Gray Hair No More the book that will  help you to Reversed Your Gray Hair Using a Simple Fool-Proof Method and Gray Hair No More  book is a 100% guarantee that you will Reverse your Gray Hair   else  you will be refunded.



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