Simple Foods That Stop Erectile Dysfunction Dead in its Tracks
August 23, 2017
Myths You Still Believe About Erectile Dysfunction
August 23, 2017
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Powerful Ways to Turbo-Charging Your Libido



One aspect of erectile dysfunction that rarely gets talked about is the fact that not only does it make your penis an embarrassing wet noodle, it also kills your libido. The fact is, getting big powerful erections and having a voracious libido go hand in hand.

We’re going to go over some of the ways you can kill ED, or lower your risk of developing it, by powering-up your libido. This will make pleasing your partner (and yourself) in the bedroom easier, and more exciting than ever before.

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Beating Erectile Dysfunction

Lowering Your Stress Levels

Stress is a natural part of modern day life. You have bills to pay, various social relationships to maintain, and a job you must perform if you’re employed. And if your unemployed, that’s probably even more stressful.

You can’t escape stress, and unfortunately it is a HUGE sex-drive killer. The good news is that you can learn to relax and minimize the effects of stress on your sex life. Here are a few ways to do that.

Take a Long Bath � Okay, it doesn’t have to be super long, but taking a moment to soak in the bathtub can really do wonders for your stress levels. You can even use scented oils and incense if you’re into that sort of thing.

Meditate � For something so simple, this can take a lot of practice, especially with the Internet destroying our attention spans. Just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and think of NOTHING. Not easy at first, but it will dramatically decrease your stress levels once you master it.

Releasing Aggression � This can be done by squeezing one of those cheap stress balls, or by going crazy on a punching bag. Some people even like to put a pillow over their face and just scream for a few minutes. In any event, finding a healthy way to release your pent up aggression and frustration is a great way to lower your stress levels.

Get Enough Sleep

If you’re not getting enough sleep it can have a serious impact on your sex-drive, and not in a good way. There are various reasons for this, but the big one is the fact that your testosterone levels can drop by as much as 15%.

And we all know how important testosterone is for maintaining a healthy sex drive.

The correct amount of sleep is debatable, with some researches saying 7 hours a night, other saying 8, and others giving a range of hours to aim for. Regardless, 5 hours of sleep per night or less is enough to throw your testosterone production out of wack, so try and get at least 6 or more.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of taking a nap. Not only can it help maintain healthy testosterone levels, it also has the added benefits of increasing cardiovascular health, which again helps fight erectile dysfunction.

Resistance Training

A great way to boost your testosterone, and your libido, is to do resistance training. Both weight lifting, and body weight training (pushups, sit-ups, etc.), are all considered resistance training because they apply resistance to your muscles.

On top of turbo-charging your testosterone, resistance training also helps you to get lean, build muscle, and maintain cardiovascular heath as well, which can also be a major contributor to erectile dysfunction.

There is really no downside to resistance training.

The kind of resistance training you do can depend on a lot of factors, such as how much time you have, how old you are, and what your body is capable of. You should of course see a doctor before beginning any resistance training program to make sure you’re not starting out with something your body can’t handle.

More Ways to Boost Your Bedroom Mojo

Keeping your sex drive going strong is a very important part of killing or avoiding erectile dysfunction before it destroyers more than just your sex life. And let’s face it, when your sex life is good, life is good.
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