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November 21, 2017
Post Labor 03 Home Remedies
November 21, 2017
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Post Delivery Episiotomy 02 Home Remedies

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After coming home from the hospital in great pain from tearing, I found that tucks pads (witch hazel) and ice worked the best. As far as healing quickly and releif from painful and itchy stitches I found that a lamp with a flexable neck was a miracle. Just lie down on the bed with your knees bent and place the lamp between your legs. The warmth of the lightbulb relieves pain and it help to fight the moistrure that seems to make things heal slowly.


Take a generic squeeze bottle and fill with several good squirts of povidone iodine (readily available in all drugstores for cheap) and fill the remaining bottle with as hot of water as you can stand and shake with the lid plugged. Sit on the toilet seat while leaning as forward as possible and gently squeeze the concoction from just past your anal area and let the solution run over your episiotomy site. It will relieve the tightness when the stitches begin to dissolve, relieve itching and pain while keeping the area free from infection. I tore excessively bad (both internally and externaly) when my baby decided to arrive 2 weeks late and the doctor misinterpreted the baby’s weight at 7.5 pounds maximum and he arrived @ 9.1 pounds in a labor period of 7 hours in total. Barely had time to receive the epidural but ripped terribly as the doctor could not easily repair the episiotomy site (it took an hour and a half to suture). This remedy really helps and use as often as necessary. P.S. – use your regular ultra maximum pads as your bleeding will still be strong and the iodine will stain so use old underwear.


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