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November 21, 2017
Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac Home Remedies
November 21, 2017
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This is not a remedy, it’s a “worst practice” to avoid. Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide! As it foamed up and bubbled it carried the oil to the surrounding skin where it formed lovely tiny blisters everywhere it touched… 🙁


We have found a remedy for Poison Ivy quite by accident!

My daughter uses Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5 \\% lotion for her acne and it has cured her acne.

She got poison ivy this fall and we noticed that she had no poison ivy on the places she put her applies her benzoyl peroxide. So she then rubbed the benzoyl peroxide lotion on her poison ivy places and…. it cleared right up within 2 days!


The application of toothpaste really helps!!! I thought this idea was crazy but when a few others made the suggestion I knew I had nothing to lose. I slathered the toothpaste on and was careful until it “dried”. It remained a little “tacky” to the touch but completely tolerable. I’m so thankful for this site and will come back again when needed.


my remedy is a bananna peel. you rub the peel on the rash. it will burn or sting but it is taking out all the oils repeat 2 or 3 times a day and soon it will be gane


Desperate to find a relief for the itching, I, too, went to the online home remedies. I typically get a rash – never blisters – but it usually lasts 6 weeks. By that time, I am at my wits end. I read rubbing table salt on the rash would bring the oil to the top. So I did that, and then washed the areas with Dawn dishwashing liquid. I went almost 8 hrs. with no itching at all. Thanks to whoever submitted their grandmother’s cure-all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have had to re-do the process once – and likely will again, but I truly believes this works. I then apply alcohol to help dry it out.

Ron Paul

For a preventative measure on breaking out, if you think you’ve touched any, wipe down exposed skin with gasoline, then use mechanics petroleum jelly and clean yourself off in the shower. This should take care of most of the gas smell. Take industrial strength dish soap and shower with that. Dry off and discard towel in laundry. If break out starts appearing, start the benedryl home remedies.


Here is a simple on. Wash with full strength Dawn dish liquid. Rinse well. Dry off after and wash the towel you used. Do this for 2 days on the third day it will be GONE!


I used alcohol to clean the area and remove the oil. Then I used liquid skin. It stopped the itching. I put on again once a day.


When I get poison ivy i usually rub it down with rubbing alcohol and take Benadryl works for me


I see the bleach remedies that say to scratch open and then bleach. Owie!

I find that if you catch it early enough, you can dab the bleach on right away as soon as you see the redness and feel itchy, I don’t get the serious itching, or have it spread.

Do make sure to clean your hands, (under nails) and clothing and bedding. My mom had it on her cuffs of her jacket and kept reinfecting herself.

Truckin Mack

Whenever I get poison ivy, as soon as I notice I have it, I wipe it down with bleach. I usually have to repeat this two or three times, but if I catch it early, it goes away quickly.

I’ve been doing this for at least the last 8 years with no ill effects.

Erica H.

I figured out that when you get poison ivy take a good long soak with two cap feels of chlorine bleach in your water and 2 cups of baking soda when you dry off immediately wash the towel do not reuse it then have someone to put vicks vapor rub on the poison ivy this should be cleared up the next day my son manages to get poison ivy every year and I did not like him taking the steroids the doctor would give him so I tried this method and it seems to work also you can try benadryl to help with the itching until the poison ivy poison oak or poison sumac clears up this method works for all three good luck hope it works for you too it always works for me because both he and I are highly allergic to these weeds and only need to be in the vicinity of this poison root to be infected


Soak in hot tub/spa. Was really bummed to get poison ivy right before a vacation. Had read of hot water treatment but hadn’t tried it. One night in the hot tub at the hotel and it was like a miracle, no more itching and rash cleared up in a day or so.


I really wish I had known this when I was kid & got Poison Oak really bad on my ankle. But now I have poison ivy on both my knees (after having tripped, skinned both knees & come in contact with P.I. on my way home from work one night). This will take a bit of time to heal but it helps the itching so much that it’s totally worth it.

Here’s what you need:
Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser
Maximum Strength Ivarest P.I. Itch Relief
Witch Hazel/Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen Perixode
Non Stick Pads (similar to Gauze)
Medical Tape &/or Athletic Tape
Aveeno Collidial Oatmeal
Epsom Salt
Clear Nail Polish (I promise I’m not crazy)
Zzzquil & Allergy meds (optional but recommended)

When the rash starts to appear & itch: wash with very hot soapy water. Don’t rub too hard or you’ll open the blisters.

Alternate pouring Witch hazel/Rubbing Alcohol (to help dissolve the poison that causes the rash) & Hydrogen Perioxide (to clean the area) every few hours. Take hot bath with bit of Epsom Salt, little bit of bleach & some Aveeno collodial oatmeal in the water before bed to keep the itch at bay for a while (4-8 hours depending on severity of rash).

During the day you can take antihistimines to help keep the reaction at bay. I use Urgent RX brand Allergy Attack pouches. But any allergy med will help.

Go find Tecnu brand Cleanser (look for Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser). Use as directed except rub in with fingertips (have nails clipped short) for 3-4 minutes instead of 2. I usually play one song off my Iphone while doing this to track the time. Rash will ooze like no tommarow after u rinse the cleanser off. Just dab ooze away with paper towel or tissue.

Once oozing has stopped/slowed considerably cover rash with Max Strength Ivarest P.I. Itch Relief cream. It has antihistamines & stuff to help with the reaction but also stuff to help dry the rash & protect the area too. Will look like Calamine lotion, though I don’t suggest straight Calamine lotion, doesn’t help me any.

When going to bed cover with Non Stick Pads. They look similar to gauze pads but not thready. Don’t use bandaid cuz the sticky stuff with only cause future irritation to the skin around the rash after extended use. Tape with medical tape &/or wrap Athletic Tape/Bandaid told hold. Make sure Ivarest cream is dry before you do this.

Once rash has healed up some (very small patches of tiny blisters & very little itching) use Tecnu Cleanser with wash rag or something a bit rough. U are gonna open up the blisters & wash out the ooze. Wash for 3-5 minutes depending on how large a portion of body rash covers.

Put rag in washing machine on hot right away to wash or throw away! Don’t reuse until washed.

Let area air dry, dab at any left over oozing. Once dry & no more oozing, paint on clear nail polish. Sounds crazy I know, but it really helps. Keeps open blisters from itching & seems to absorb little bit of ooze.

Polish will begin to peel after about 24 to 36 hours, depending on how much you used. It will look like dead skin when you peel it off & might be slightly discolored (yellowish or tan).

Repeat process until rash is healed.

If you are still having problems sleeping during all of this go buy some Zzzquil (like Nightquil but a sleep aid). I usually take a couple of sips of it before bed. It contains diphenhydramine hydrochloride which is an Antihistimine & helps you sleep. Take a little bit (but don’t exceed the recommended dose) at night when you know you can get 6-8 hours of sleep.

Know it sounds like a lot but it really helps.


I was getting desperate and like so many others I resorted to the internet. I thought there were probably a LOT of ideas that had great merit and it’s not that I wasn’t willing to try them but rather that the rash is all over my face. I somehow just didn’t think borax powder, bleach or tide would be terribly smart idea near my nose, eyes and mouth lol. I did read though that someone suggested Aloe. OMG! what a simple solution!!! It’s not going to cure it, I get that, but just as it does when you have a sunburn or burn from the oven or what not it did actually immediately relieve the deep pain. I way beyond itching at this point and my face is SO swollen. No breathing way issues so far and I do intend to head to the urgent care as soon as it opens today but in the mean time at 4am and sleepless it is a godsend! Good luck to you all 🙂


Go ahead and laugh this is the second time I have got poison ivy it is the worse it never stopped itching and my husbands grandmother said try this it was vagisil I smiled thought she was playing she told me to try it with in 30 min. The itching stopped so I put neosporn on and went to sleep and it held up a lot!


I’m trying the Clorox and Epsom salt method. Mixed it together, capful of each. I applied with a cotton ball for several minutes. Burned a bit til I was almost scared. Then….. It stopped burning!! Area was red and tender but no burning. Itching has almost stopped entirely. An hour has passed and not even tender anymore. I also applied a layer of Caladryl lotion. Which is prolly useless but I did it anyway. I’m cured!!! Well, I’ve had this itchy-scratchy for a week and maybe the cycle was almost complete. The last time I had this poison ivy rash, it lasted almost a month….


Hand sanitizer provides instant relief from itching and reduces swelling.

maxime venne

hi , i had several severe case of poison ivy , now today i had another exposure but this time , i use ZANFEL CREAM , SERIOUSLY I HAVE BEEN HOSPITALIZE BECAUSE OF PISON IVY ONCE AND NOW ZANFEL TOOK AWAY ITCH AND PAIN AFTER ONE TREATMENT TWO DAY OF THE ITCH START . the redness will stay be you wont feel any pain , seriously i know how annoying poison ivy is and i tried everything , go find the zanfel cream and rub it on the infected area really hard to scratch the poison out of the skin ,for 5 minute non stop . then take a shower really hot for a second then turn it to really cold and you are good. only the really really red infected area will itch again after two dya , do it again after three treatment it was all gone , and remember to keep some cream for next time ,


Home treatment for poison ivy can be found in drinking goats milk. Farmers used natural goats milk years ago. Makes sense to me, as goats eat all kinds of greens that naturally grow. Therefore, they should have natures own built in antibodies.


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