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November 21, 2017
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My daughter had a planter wart on her foot. I’ve read all of these posts. I tried duct tape,ACV, tea tree oil,lemon oil. She went from having 1 to 3 warts on her foot. I decided to try thyme oil and after 3 weeks all 3 warts are gone!!! I would soak her foot in warm water for about 10-15 min. Pat dry and put some thyme oil cotton ball and rub it on the wart. Put a sock on her foot. Eventually the skin started to loosen along with the wart. PAINLESS!! Thank you to everyone who recommended thyme oil!!! I used the NOW brand.


ONION! Yes onion. Just cut an onion and rub it on the wart. I use this on my 2 year old son warts and plantar warts. It takes about 3 times. Rub it on the wart as often as you like and it might even go away faster. So in about a week or two it will dry up. U can use the same onion just save it. Make sure u cut a fresh piece to apply on the wart each time. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks


Use ‘Topi Thuja’ homeopathi cream. Effects good in plantar wart which appear at the side of feet


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