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November 21, 2017
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Four things are a must for treatment of Plantar Fasciitis:
1. Wear orthopedic shoes such as Vionic or Abeo
2. If you have a Jacuzzi stop up all the jets but one or two. Put heel in front of jet for about 10 minutes each day for pain relief.
3. Walk barefoot or with socks on rough gravel for about 5 minutes each day. This will toughen the bottom of the feet.
4. Buy a Strassburg sock from the internet and wear every night to bed. Much more comfortable than the boot.

You will not get over Planter Fasciitis quickly but you can live with it while your foot heals.


My podiatrist recommended rigid inner-soles. I wore them for almost two years in all my shoes. While I wore them, the sharp pain in my heel and forefoot was lessened, but overall, my feet would still get very sore; and when my shoes were off, it hurt to walk.

I started to wonder if my feet were getting weaker because of the innersoles — because they weren’t moving naturally when I walked. So I ditched them and went the other direction. I bought a pair of Nike Frees, which are very flexible. And, two years later, my feet are better than ever. I rarely have the stabbing pains I used to have, whether I’m wearing the Nike Frees or not. (As long as I’m not wearing high heels or shoes with zero arch support.)

I also tried some barefoot running shoes, but either it’s too soon or they’re simply not supportive enough, because they made my feet hurt worse.

I do think there might be something to letting your feet move as naturally as possible though, to build up strength.


I tried all the treatments except cortizol injections. I went online and found a reference to Z Coil Shoes. I went to the nearest store and bought a pair. They will cause people to ask about your shoes, but I was able to walk again without pain. I wore them for about 9 months and finally my foot healed. I have not had another episode. So check them out on the internet and read the testimonials from other sufferers.


I went to a chiropractor and in a couple visits I had my feet all back to normal. She made me do balancing exercises and a lot of calf stretches. She said when the muscles in my calf get tight, it pulls on the ligaments in the bottom of my foot. So when I stretch my calves each morning, I don’t have foot pain that day. I go to the chiropractor once a month just for preventative measures so it never comes back.

Dennis Denlinger

Use the foot and lower leg muscles correctly. The entire thing is described in the book ‘A New Foot Health Solution’ by Dennis Denlinger. The problem is that ligaments are being over-stretched. Try this: hold your arm with elbow bent and palm down in front of your chest – relax the muscles in the forearm so that the wrist bends – use the other hand to gently force the wrist to bend more and the wrist will hurt – stop forcing the wrist to bend – use the muscles in the forearm to straighten the wrist – use the other hand to try to bend the wrist again, but this time use the forearm muscles to keep the wrist straight and the wrist will not hurt. A similar thing can be done in the feet.


I am a rn and i am on my feet a lot. i have tried taping my feet i have had numerous cortizone injections. all help temporaly. i was told to try sketch shape up tennis shoes . i was desperate it was so painful to walk i decided to spend the 100.oo plus dollars on the shoes. i could not be move satified. i work and avg of 48 to 60 hours a week mostly on my feet. i have not had any heel pain since i started wearing this type of shoe.


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