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I was suffering from pile problem over 4-5 months.

But now I am totally cured without taking any medicine. These things worked for me. If you guys would like to try

1. Stop eating carbohydrate including bread, Nan, Roti, Rice, Noodles, beans(all beans which we need to sock before cooking) in short stop eating all the items which has more than 10-15% carbohydrate. This is main point from my suggestion (You can check carb % on google)

2. Every morning drink a cup of tea with 2 tea spoons of ghee or unsalted butter and 1 tea spoon of coconut oil. Blend tea, ghee and coconut oil in mixer or by using hand blender. (Ghee helps internal heeling like leg pain)

3. Eat one or two fruits in morning and one in evening.

5. Eat as much as veg, fruits.

My daily diet
1 cup of tea
2 eggs OR few peanut and almonds socked overnight. (Peanut and almond has high fibre)

Before lunch
One KIWI, Orange (you can add any fruit here)

For Lunch and Dinner, you can have any one of the below.
Boiled chicken or chicken curry or Fry or steam fish (should not be very spicy) or Mung Dal (green gram)
+ Add these veg as salad spinach, carrot, cucumber, and broccoli
+ Yogurt



Hello Readers,
I am currently suffering from internal Piles (11 o’clock), I just fear from the name itself. I had tried homeopathy and Allopathic treatment which didn’t work. I used to bleed with the hard stool and feel uncomfortable while sitting for long hours due to itching.
Then I thought of going Ayurveda I went to nearest Patanjali many of you might know that the doctors over there don’t charge for the checkup. He asked me to calm down and said don’t worry it happens with 50% of people its general issue.
He gave me 3 medicines one tablet box and two powders total around 250 Rs and said it will be fine in two days but will take 2 months to get rid of it. I took the pill immediately 2-3 hrs later I was feeling so comfortable and now motions are fine no hard stool still constipations are there but very less amount .Its only 3 days that I am taking these medicines. Guys this works amazingly.
Please go to Patanjali instead of searching the home remedies get rid of this problem.


place crushed (small) onion in a clean white cloth, make a small ball of it. Fry this in coconut oil. Gently apply the ball over the area. This greatly helped me and a word of caution- watch the heat or you will burn ur a**.


Take ‘Rutin 500mg’ once daily , drink aloe vera juice/Amla juice 2 times on empty stomach.

and at night before going to bed take 1 1/2 table spoon ‘Psyllium Husk’ daily

ur piles will be gone within few days and the cure will be permanent.

To avoid Hard stools buy some over the counter ‘stool softener’
and use for few days and once u start feeling better, stop taking it
(do not combine ‘Psyllium husk’ and ‘stool softener’
take Psyllium husk after few days,after u r done with Stool softener)

just completely avoid oily and chilly foods


for piles best medicines is consuming raddish in any form, cooked or fresh.
boil the touchmenot plant with roots(washed) and drink the water. very good treatment.


I seriously suffered from pile, where i was unable to sit, cough, pains for morethan 5-6 hr even during my sleep.

I tried a lot with himalaya pilex tablets and its cream,it was totally useless.

Kept more fibers in food, but doesn’t much useful.

I telephonic called a doctor clinic, who uses thread technique, attender said treatment cost Rs.45,000/-. Which was unaffordable to me and also feel shy to do it.

After 10 days of above treatment I visited ayurvedic doctor, who gave me some powder. This powder is a fecal softener not the laxative. I used it for 15 days. After 15 days pile healed naturally. So I suggest to go was fecal softener. If required i can help. email:[email protected]


Exactly before 15 days i passed the stool with blood and heavy pain n burning.Then i started eating only fruits like bananas,papayas,pine apple,apples,oranges.
But pain n constipation have’t reduced more over whenever i try to pass stool i end up passing bllod like 5 -6 drops.I applied annovate cream to the area which reduced irrtation after BM.also injected 2.5 ml of olive oil before BM.Then there appeared chick pea size oh pile on anus which kept increasing day by day.Then i told my mom about all this n she told me some ayurvedic medicine named piorhoids by bydyanath.I bought it from ayurvedic store took 2tablets thrice a day.1st day it showed no effect my BM is painful but without blood.I thought this is not gonna help me but by the next day almost 80% pain gone but have little burning sensation.with that tablets i drank like 2litres of buttermilk n more water n also took sitz baths my pain is vanishing but chick pea isn’t reducing my mom told me it’ll take time so dont stop tablets but u can decrease the lots of fruits and yes moong dal too.That edicine really gave back my life.I alsa dranl amla ras morning and evening it helps as laxative.Guys beleive me get that medicine n get rid of those bloody piles n please give feedback after 2 days if u use them……


i had non bleeding piles, a small lump in anus with severe pain and itching.

i followed all the natural remedies suggested in the internet, and i do not know which cured my piles.
a glass of butter milk with anjuman powder morning and evening.
i tried warm milk with a spoon of lime juice, it turn into curd immediately some how i could not continue this.
one ripe banana boiled in glass of milk mashed taken during night.
stopped non vegetarian food completely,
took two spoons of honey daily,
ate lot of fruits, musombi, orange, pomogranate,daily very often.bananas,guva ,etc
6 to 10 dates daily.
ate lots and lots of greens. daily all three times.
rice with butter milk and less or no spice sambar.
i tried the vicks vaporub idea given in some web page. really it gave immediate
relief from pain.rub it over the part.two times.
endure your pain do not go for any ointment to apply they are all pain killers, they do not treat piles.
ate pork two times in a week.(coorg style) non spicy.
avoided tea coffee completely.
sat in a tub of warm water morning and evening for 10 minutes soothin effect for anus.
strictly followed food decipline.
no junk food.
it took nearly two month of enduring the pain, and the result is natural way without any anesthetic applied to the affected part.
clear food habit with lot of fruits stopped all the turbulances which i had in my stomoch during the period.


I thank u all.With reference to the data you have all given,I have attacked my piles problem by drinking lot of water,fully controlling spice consumption,eating brown rice,pears and other veggies with lots of fibre,Importantly taking homeopathy tablets BC-17 (Bio Combination)4times a day and using Isapgol husk (naturolax by MSD pharma).It worked fabulously.My heartfelt thanks to friend who suggested BC-17.


Hi guys I’m in my teens as for some reason had this experience which is quite unusual for some one my age. Any way my experience wasn’t painful more itchiness to solve this having two showers a day is essential while getting rid of the problem once gone you can resort to one a day. To compat the itchiness I mixed olive oil and salt to create a paste after getting out the shower in a night the paste should be quite thick apply in and around the area note this will sting a little for a moment or so but after the itchiness as been relived. This helps kill bacteria and the olive oil helps get rid of it quicker do this every night until gone. I also recommend eating 2 raw cloves of garlic per day the Tate isn’t very present but helps the recovery faster. Hope this helps!


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