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November 21, 2017
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This rash can be pretty brutal. The severe itching, burning, pustules. It varies for everyone, but I am surprised there is not more home remedy information available. The inside of my nose was constantly itching and of course the rash around my mouth, nose, chin (at different times) was horribly itchy too. I suffered for 4 months before finding out that my main trigger was a new toothpaste, specifically Crest 3D Whitening. All in all, it took almost a month before any new spots stopped appearing, and I still think I have a few more facial products to weed out of my medicine cabinet.

First move was to only brush with baking soda and water. I did this for a couple of days until getting Tom’s flouride free toothpaste. I’ve read that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a trigger, (I already use SLS free shampoo and body wash) but I personally am having success with this. Jason makes one that is flouride and SLS free, I will try that next. I was putting raw garlic on my rash to dry out the pustules. I read that zinc helped. I would recommend Desitin’s overnight diaper rash cream. I knew I was on the right path when the itching inside of my nose subsided. I have two little ones, so I already had this on hand. I started seeing results and getting relief very quickly, although I do not believe this can single handedly clear it up. Heavy creams/petroleum based products are also a supposed trigger, but it’s easy to find, relatively affordable. I decided get more aggressive. I tried Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The rash tingled and burned, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then I also purchased Grapeseed Extract, mixed it with some Organic Coldpressed Moraccan Argan Oil. I know oils are bad, but how else are you supposed to get this crap to stay on your face? My face was looking better than it had in months, the itching was gone, new parts of the rash were appearing, but I kept on treating them and they were manageable. Then I tried a clay masque (Health & Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay-great stuff in general and once again,affordable) mixed with the Apple Cider Vinegar and a few drops of legit Australian tea tree oil. It was uncomfortable, tea tree oil is not for the sensitive skinned. It did wonders, and the last bit of the flaky dry skin went away. I hope that this has helped someone who stumbles across this website. Figuring out what triggers this problem is your best option for long term success. Most people say it keeps coming back, I think that I would try cutting out facial products that you have used for years, you could have recently developed an allergy to them. I have heard that Violet extract from Herbapharm(?) Has been helpful for some, but I haven’t tried it. Good luck!


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