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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017
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Periods (Painful/Stoppage) 12 Home Remedies

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Period pains hurt. There is a easy way to ease pain without having to take panadol every month. Buy Vitamin B12 tablets. Take one every morning you have your periods.


Drink a lot of water. Put a hot water bottle near the painful area, and just relax.


My gramndma boils few raisins in water on the stove and drains it. Try to deink water while its hot.


This is a great SRI LANKAN home remedy for period pain.. This work very well for me .. These are the few steps,

( remember u have to do this before u start your periods , just imagine u have your period on 26, start this steps from 22 , )

1) At night, take a glass and some coriander seeds

2) Put 5 tablespoons of CORIANDER SEEDS to a glass and the fill pure water to the glass,

3) Then Cover it fully from a saucer ,

4) Leave it over night,

5) then remove coriander seeds and then drink the water in the morning when u get up before the bed tea,

6) Do like this until your periods over, then again continue these steps when your periods dates are near šŸ™‚

I GUARANTEE u. No pain for sure šŸ™‚ Enjoy your periods šŸ™‚ XD


Drink a glass of red wine


Drink tons of water! The more water you drink, The more it will ease your cramps.


drink a large glass of milk


Try evening primrose oil (you can buy it in any health food store) instead of any other antinflamatory or pain relever. I have taken one as soon as I feel pains coming on and it seems to really work. Also it works good for headaches (migranes) pretty much anything like that. I use it as a substitute of tylenol or any other pill like that and well I swear on it.


put warm water in a bottle ..put in on ur painful part of stomack … in 10 secconds >ITS GONE
i also tried this easy remedy and it really works > take advil when u r about to feel the pain not aftr
and drink alot of warm drinks the whole day


my mother told me this old trick and at first i didnt think it would work but suprisingly it helped out alot . take the tie from a bath robe and tie tightly around the painful part of the stomace . it should help ease the pain .


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