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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017
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having aloe juice helps… just take an aloe leaf, separate the aloe gel, grind it with some boiled cooled water… jus drink it… it is kind of slimy but it has worked to a friend of mine…. and you need to take it on empty stomach early morning. .

note: aloe vera is a strong emmenagogue.. so please check if you are pregnant before you try this remedy!

or a long walk… not a slow lullaby walk but with some speed.. this too has worked…

raw papaya also worked… you can grate them and add in your salad… it is also capable of aborting the foetus. .. so use with caution. ..


Anise Seed (not extract)
Women who suffer from menstrual pain or from delayed or irregular menstrual periods may find relief from antispasmodic properties. Drink one or two cups of anise tea as needed for relief from menstrual problems. Or you can also: Add it in small amounts to your food here & there.

Women with menstrual cramps, stomach pain and irregular periods can try drinking aniseed water. Anise seed has the ability to induce menstruation. Anise seed is traditionally believed to improve fertility power. Anise seed does strengthen the digestive tract also. Aniseed strengthen pancreas and lessen the possibilities of pancreatic abnormalities.

Ginger: This is one of the best herbal remedies for irregular menstruation. It should be included in your diet or add to tea and drink it.


I took flower essence Bleeding Heart a year ago for other reasons, but after taking it my periods became regular for the first time–prior my periods were off by 1-2 weeks, now it is usually right on or only off by 1-2 days. I took 2-3 drops on the tongue 2-3 times per day.


This is a great SRI LANKAN home remedy for IRREGULAR PERIOD and for PERIOD PAIN.. This work very well for me .. These are the few steps,

( remember u have to do this before u start your periods , just imagine u have your period on 26, start this steps from 22 , )

1) At night, take a glass and some coriander seeds

2) Put 5 tablespoons of CORIANDER SEEDS to a glass and the fill pure water to the glass,

3) Then Cover it fully from a saucer ,

4) Leave it over night,

5) then remove coriander seeds and then drink the water in the morning when u get up before the bed tea,

6) Do like this until your periods over, then again continue these steps when your periods dates are near 🙂

I GUARANTEE u. Thid will make your period regular and No pain for sure 🙂 Enjoy your periods 🙂 XD


If you have irregular periods this could be a sign of polycystic ovaries. If you are having irregular periods you should go to the doctors and get this looked into because in the future if you do have polycystic ovaries then you may have trouble getting pregnant another sign of this is if you carry abit of weight and have painful periods hope it helps 🙂


For irregular periods if you are in an area where you can get to ‘alternative’ medicine stores something like femeprin works well.

Chaste Tree works very well in regulating your period. Using Chaste tree in a supplement is great.
There is always going on the birth control pill. but personally i like Chaste tree.


Grind and boil some fresh ginger in a cup of water. Add a little sugar and take two or three times a day after meals.


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