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I heard this remedy from an old country boy and it sounds legit but gross. On a empty stomach you boil cabbage and you dont drink or eat it but you hover your mouth over it and let the fumes go up your nose and mouth. The worms will crawl up and out your mouth seeking for food.

Has anyone heard of this? Id like to see a YouTube vidio of it gross as it souds. I just want to see somthing guaranteed working in progress


I work at a daycare and I found out when The best cure for scabies is to wash every day with Sulfer Soap. You can find it at the Mexican Grocery store. It costs $1. It clears up this parasite in about a week. You MUST bag up anything you can’t wash from your sleeping areas and only wear clean, washed clothing changind daily.
Wash all bedding in hot water and dry in dryer for at least 20 minutes.
I got scabies while I was pregnant and could’t use the common medicine cures. My doctor gave me a sulfer paste in vasoline. It didn’t work so I took it upon myself to find something that would.
Washing with sulfer soap was the cure.


Take bistort, black walnut, cascara sagrada, chamomile, garlic, herbal pumpkin, male fern, papaya, primrose root, or taheebo.


Eat fresh garlic and pumpkin seeds.


Drink aloe vera juice to expel worms.


Place a drop of black walnut extract on the tongue three times a year for several days as a preventative measure in children and animals.


Read Books
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