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November 19, 2017
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Pain 08 Home Remedies

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Magnetic Therapy does wonders in Pain Relief. Many have stopped taking medicines are getting results from Magnetic Therapy It has no side effects.
Try Magnetic Therapy for best results.

Try Aarogyam Energy Jewellery


Kratom you can buy it online it has an aquired taste but it works just as good as vicodin if not better since there is no liver damage i reccomend adding like 3tsp to a cup of hot tea and adding like 2tsp of sugar it can also help with insomnia since its sedating.


For those interested in a more natural approach to curing your ails, I would suggest a recently popularized Pacific fruit called noni. From what I’ve read, it’s rich in many immune system boosters, pain killing phytochemicals, and helps promote social well being. Make a quick google search of it, I’m sure you would find it interesting.


One of the best natural pain relievers is capsaicin which is found in Jalepeno peppers. It’s the only substance known to not only relieve inflammation and pain but to heal the pain area over a 6 week period. But you have to get it directly to the target pain area. I use a new product at home for complete pain management. It’s a deep penetrating timed release cream called myomega. You can do do a google search on myomega to get the info or buy. It works great for nearly any pain.


You can try rubbing peppermint or spearmint essential oil on the affected area, as long as it’s not near your eyes, nose, or mouth. It will tingle, but once the tingling subsides, relief should come. (Note, this doesn’t work for everyone.) Also, as long as you’re careful not to get it in your eyes, you can use a cotton ball and apply to your forhead for a headache. (Might not work for something as strong as a migraine though.)


Take vitamins C and E for leg and calf pain.


Get some soy in your diet to help relieve pain.


Take cayenne, fenugreek, lobelia, valerian root, or wild lettuce to ease pain and help with relaxation.


Drink cayenne, lobelia, St. John’s wort, or valerian tea for rapid pain relief.


Drink chamomile or peppermint tea.


Read Books
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