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Quater cup of boiling water, 2 tea spoons of salt, 3 tea spoons vinager, 2 crush paracetamol (make sure they are like a powder) cure all oral pain instantly worked wonders ive not slept in 4 days cox of toothache and using this remedy i was asleep within 30 minutes thank god


after having improper studs in my lip my gums were pretty raw, The warm water and salt trick worked but not for long… so i took salt, poured some into a paper towel and ripped off the excess, rolled it up (to about the size of a cough drop wrapper) and put some water on it the placed iN my lip like you would do qith spitting tobacco, it doesnt taste to grand but it works and is better than the splitting pain i have from my ear to my lip!


I have pain from cavities in my teeth radiating to my jaw and my lip piercings (4 in my lower lip,) i find heat works well for me, i normally press the pain against my boyfriends armpit/breast for maxsoftness and heat, althouh a soft cloth in the microwave with some water will also do, sometimes for when the actual jawbone itself hurts i chew on gum or garlic (the green stems that come up when you just leave itthere for a long time, the sprouts) stems because they dont burn like bloody hell like the cloves


I hav 3 teeth that r completely broke down, one of em is so bad that the nerve is totally exposed an i was in tremendous amount of pain to the point of trembling, crying an not bein able to sleep for 3 nights, the only thing that was givin me any relief was anything cold on my nerve but it’d only be for a minute untill i decided to try shoving a tiny piece of toilet paper dipped in salt into it an honestly I’ve had relief for about half an hour now so lets hope it stays that way.


So I’ve been suffering from a HORRIBLE broken molar for a few days. I’ve tried everything I could think of til I can get into my dentist. Here’s what I’ve discovered. BC powders work pretty good. A shot of whiskey (I used crown) held on the tooth numbs it fairly quickly an lasts longer than orajel. But pls do this RESPONSIBLY!! I also discovered that the cinnamon toothpaste works!! I took a dab of it an rubbed it on the tooth, in the tooth, an on the gums. Omg!!! RELIEF!!!! Seriously, that worked better than loratab 10s I had from a knee injury. They just made me loopy an nausea. Warm drinks (coffee, tea, cider, etc) also helped slightly. But the cinnamon toothpaste has been the best relief thus far. Took about a minute to work but I think its better than alcohol, pain meds, an numbing meds.
Good luck!


Hello everyone, my heart go out to any and everybody suffering from tooth pain I swear I think it’s worst then giving birth. I just stumbled across this remember because my tooth pain was so bad it gave me the worst migraine of my life so not even thinking about my tooth I was focused on my migraine I took EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE EVERYTHING WAS GONE…. What also works is brush your teeth really good with a strong tooth paste and when your done cotton ball and vanilla extract. PS use all of them together


okay so i have a severe toothache ( jus a cavity ) but still ok i found this works 4 any oral pain follow these steps exactly
1. Rinse 3 times with perocide
2. rinse with vanilla lemon or peperment extract .. burns a lil but is worth it trust me.
3. then gargle salt an peper water 2-3 times… pain wont stay relived yet
$ then Lavender and sage plant.. cut them and put them into a cup with water an heat 4 75 seconds ( minute 15 seconds) and gargle this will lwssen pain the rinse with mouthwash or any liquor then perocide again an take 3 ibprofine and u shuld be good to go (repeat these steps every day 2 times a day


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