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Thank you for all your suggestions. I will be trying out some new ones very soon.
Sorry that I can’t suggest a preventative therapy. However, I’ve found a remedy that’s FAST and FOOLPROOF for me. I drink 5 oz. of (salty, garlicky) pickle brine as soon as the cramps start. In less than a minute,they’re gone. Yep! It seems 5 oz. is what works best for me, and Clausen is my brine of choice.
For what it’s worth, I’m a fit 59-yo employed female nurse without any chronic illnesses. I eat a balanced diet, swim 14 miles a week, stretch frequently, and drink 80 oz water plus 40 oz electrolyte replacement every day. But I’m here to tell ya this ‘healthy’ stuff is completely powerless against my nighttime leg cramps. They are relentless and scary- painful. So I’m pretty sure you understand why I believe that
Clausen garlic pickle juice keeps me off the crazy train… and I hope it might be helpful to some of you.

Best wishes to all.


After suffering for years with foot, ankle and leg ramps, esp. at night, and after trying many remedies with no success, I changed my breakfast diet (for another reason) from a grapefruit and slice of cheese to 1 egg, 1 piece whole wheat toast, 1 orange. And within days, I noticed that all my cramps had disappeared. So wonderful to get a good night’s sleep


I had excruciatingly painful night leg and foot cramps. I noticed if I ate kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage) during the day, my cramps were drastically reduced by at least 75-80%, Sometimes I had no cramps, or if I did, they were less painful and less frequent. Any fermented food high in micro-organisms had that effect. It could be sauerkraut and pickles too.

Later on I read that sweet and low (saccharin), and nutrasweet (aspartame) type artificial sweeteners, destroy the micro-organisms in the stomach/gut. I stopped the blue and pink stuff, and like a miracle my night time leg cramps that plagued me for years, are 100% cured. I sleep like a baby. The key is the micro-organisms in your stomach, which need to be replenished and also the different medications or products like artificial sweeteners that destroy the organisms you need to absorb nutrients. Now I just use SweetLeaf brand stevia to sweeten. All is well. This is an easy fix, for a horrendously painful condition. I hope you try it because it is so easy to do and you have nothing to lose.


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