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November 19, 2017
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Jules Carter

Magnesium Oil Spray. Recommended by a friend, she sprayed my neck and shoulders and I screamed in pain as it stung. She said that was evidence of a manesium deficiency. The pain definately reduced (spraying and muscle pain) much quicker than anything I had tried before… 24 hour improvement. I used to suffer neck and shoulder tension pain regularly. Now I spray morning and night under my arms and its a fabulous deodorant and anti-perspirant too.


I learned this one from my chiropractor to whom i’m related to. The only problem is you need someone to help you. It’s called neck traction what you do is take a towel roll it up so that its an inch and a half thick and at least 3 feet long. Lay it on the ground and lay on your back so thats it’s under your neck. Then have someone take both ends of the towel slowly lifting your head up and pulling back holding your head up for 10 seconds and releasing slowly. And repeat another 9 times or so. I know it sounds painful but its almost instant pain relief when your head is being held up.


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