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November 18, 2017
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November 19, 2017
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Muscle Soreness 02 Home Remedies

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Tiger Balm is a great temporary backache/muscle tension. My muscles are constantly tense from stress snd this is the only thing I’ve tried that has worked consistantly.I rub a little Tiger Balm into the muscles in my back, neck and shoulders to relive some of the tension.(This is easier if you have someone else do it. My roommates help me when they’re around.) You can pick it up at the grocery store or natural foods store for about $6-$8 a bottle. Don’t use it on your face if you get the ‘Ultra-Strength’ kind though…it’s bad news. Putting a little Tiger Balm on your back and then doing yoga works pretty well also.


Ok so I workout alot and was sore alot of the time before I found this out….(only for medical marijuana users) (not intended for illegal use)…Get a good amount of marijuana and soak it for a day or two in rubbing alcohol…once done strain out they alcohol to get they marijuana out and its ready to apply to the area wanted…..better if used when warm….note will also work with marijuana leave that are high in thc content


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