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November 18, 2017
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Christine N

The soap in bed really works do not know how but I think everyone should know of this. I put bar of soap in cotton sock, tie top upand keep near my feet in bed. Lasts for about about 4 to 6 weeks then starts drying out. Either change for new one or grate outer surface area off to refresh. Used to be terrible with toe, foot, ankle and leg cramps. From night one it worked. I am 70 years old. This morning I was sat for longish time and got toe cramps so I cut a sliver of soap of bar and put in my sock. 30 seconds later cramp gone. That quick. I have been trying to find the lady on line who posted her video telling about this. Would like to thank her so very much.


During my pregnancy several years ago, I began to have frequent charlie horses during the night. My Doctor told me that every night, when you go to bed, straighten your legs and point your toes up towards your face. Make sure you can feel the pull for about 5 seconds, and relax. Do that a couple more times and it should help slow them down. Is it a coincidence? I don’t know, but I NEVER had another charlie horse again. To this day, I swear by it!


A banana a day keeps the cramp away. It’s true i suffer with bad cramps not just in my legs but everywhere, legs, toes, arms and neck. I take 1 banana a day every day no cramps. Miss a week and they are back. There must be something in the banana that is missing from my body. Thats me.

Plonis Almony

Forsome unknown reason I was beset with excruciatingly painful leg muscle spasms and cramps during the night. This persisted over many months. I decided to experiment and stopped drinking diet cola and after 3 weeks the cramps stopped. I checked this out by drinking a glass of diet coke and that night the spasms returned. I had discovered the source. I have drinking diet sodas over 40 years with no side effects but apparently one can be affected after many years. If anyone has such an experience I would be happy to hear.


I muscle cramp you should relax for sometime.It mainly occurs die to overuse,tension etc.Light Relief Heating pads can be of great use.

Patty P.

To end my Muscle cramps that always seem to be in the middle of the night. I mix a tablespoon of vineagar with a teaspoon of honey works in less than 60 seconds.


An older man I hired to do some work for me had bad leg cramps one day. He ask me if I had any dill pickle juice..yes I did. He took 2 big swallows of the juice- 315-20 minutes later- no cramps AND none for the rest of the day. OK, sounds stupid- I know, but about a year later I had leg cramps(too much work) so I drank some dill pickle juice- Couldn’t believe it- it worked! No promises to you because everybody is different- but it worked!!!


A retired nurse told me to put a bar of soap, like motel soap, between the bottom sheet and the mattress to stop leg cramps or charlie horses. It is amazing, but it works!


I have suffered with severe muscle cramps for several years. To rid myself of this problem I used coconut oil and cayenne pepper salve. *At the lowest heat possible warm the coconut oil and mix in enough cayenne pepper to a salve (you do not want to make it too thick…or it will not spread easily.) Massage into painful area slowly..taking time to really get it in the muscles. I use this twice a week now, to make sure the cramps do not come back.


For a quick fix, putting bare foot on a cold floor will make a leg cramp disappear. Not always a permanent solution, but enough to let you get around.


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