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November 18, 2017
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November 18, 2017
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Mouth, Tooth, and Ear Pain 10 Home Remedies

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Dr. J

jager!!! 2-3 shots and wait 10-20 min. then another round if not better. at least

you will get a good nap!

Bobby Goudan

Hey Guys I Had The Worst Toothache Ever! IF Nothing Else Works Get Some Toilet Paper and Bite Down On It For Like A Minute and In A Little Bit The Pain Will Completely Disappear !


So I have a wisdom tooth growing in, which is giving me terrible pain- sore gums, throbbing aching teeth, plus earache. I also have tooth decay on a molar on the same side which isn’t helping.
Anyhoo, I was preparing to go to the emergency room where the pain got so bad, I tried soo many things and this was the only thing that helped:
Brush your teeth REALLY well and rinse well with listerine or antibacterial mouthwash
Take painkillers- two ibuprofen plus two paracetemol work for me, but if there are any others you prefer go for them
Make this solution- a cup of hot wa ter, lots of salt, some clove oil and a couple tablespoons of cider (Or the strongest alcohol you got)
Swish it around for as long as it takes
Lie down on a heating pad- that’ll soothe any earache or mouth pain

Hope this helps! Doesn’t cure toothache but my pain went from 9 to 3 and that aint bad. I know what a bitch toothache is, so good luck!


Liquid full-strength oregano oil from a health food store put on your clean finger and rubbed on the hurting gums will reduce pain and inflammation. It is anti-fungal and ante-viral in nature
I tried it, not only did it relief pain and soreness, but my dentist said that my gums had never looked better in the last 13 years.You may smell like pizza pie for a while, but that’s not so bad, is it?
Also, use tea tree oil toothpaste
for good maintenance on a daily basis. It helps avoid cavities without using chemicals in your mouth.


My husband was in so much pain at 3am he woke me up so I got on this site for remedies. See we are both recovering addicts so taking pain pills narcotics.isnt an option. He tried the mouthwash remedy and instant releif, thank you


2 equate pms from walmart works better than percocets!!!!


Best way to get rid of a toothache is taking 2 pain killers mouth wash and warm salty water works for me 🙂


poor people with hurting teeth! it’s so terrible it really is…n i have had 2 babies now with no painkillers….my teeth still hurt me the most….!i have lost 8 teeth…a bit of my jaw and i now have what was (long long ago..) 2 molars eating away at my sinus and am at risk for developing a brain abscess. there are lots of cures here for hurting teeth. they all work. a little. they will all stop working at some point if you get into the habit of using it all the time. keeping your mouth filled with ice cold water will work…as long as your mouth never ever warms up….so it sucks….advil is the best pain killer n that includes the narcotic stuff you get from the doc….do not pack teeth with pills…it is temporary relife with long-term damage…as is eating the stuff by the handfull….oragel or anbisol…clove oil…all do a good job of numbing things but only for a minute…ultimatly u have to go to the dentist and have ur tooth pulled…..or u could go when its a tiny cavity and not a gaping wound leading right to ur brain….there is no home cure really unless u can pull ur own tooth! u can make ur own filling n it will help for a time….they even have stuff for that at the drug store and it is not expensive….but ur tooth will still be broke. it sucks but u have to go to a dentist…the sooner the better(and cheaper). but i know how it is with money….so dont waste it on a pile of pills….a small cavity is less then 100$ to fix and ur miles ahead if you dont have an infection when you go…..but lets say ur broke and will b for a while…what then? keep ur teeth clean! flossing has worked wonders. the very second i feel it starting to act up i clean my teeth like crazy….i even bought the same tools as the dentist….they have those at the drug store….a syringe(without the needle)works very well for shooting right into a cavity to get the crud out…then rinse with the most alcoholic mouthwash u have….once its SUPER clean you can fill the cavity with the putty filling or what ever. but really clean em good. they’ll bleed….do not swallow what comes out. at first they bleed ‘gooey’ blood…it will become more like regular blood it needs too…then take a double (or 1 and 1/2) dose of advil and chew some gum. chewing gum is very very good for hurt teeth. moving ur jaw keeps the the blood flowing and that keeps the yuck from building. it also helps prevent u from using ur tounge to poke at ur teeth which u must never never do! that handles the pain and the immediate offending dirt n germs in ur mouth. but u still have an infection. if u cannot go to the dr. or dentist u will need to have honey….which is naturally antibiotic so get the most raw honey u can…tho any honey is good. u can eat it straight or put it in coffee or tea but handle it just like any antibiotic…3 times a day for 10 days. curing the infection is your goal. stay with hot/cold compress for pain as much as u can. eating tons of pills is like putting a band-aide on a severed limb….if they dont work 10 more isnt going to either….u have to distract youself with a mindless video game or, i used to sing out loud, i know thats crazy but it can really get ur mind off the pain and it does produce endorphines….and just like any other kind of sick, drink a load of water and rest as much as u can. and floss ;). my dental problems were curbed in a huge way after i busted out the floss.but ultimatly u will have to see a dentist. or,after years n years of agony your teeth will kill u. and you dont deserve that!


I have a broken back molar that has caused me problems on and off for awhile now, but nothing like the pain I had yesterday! It started as just a mild throbbing sensation in and around the tooth and quickly became the worst toothache I’ve ever had! I tried various rememdies I found on here when the Excedrin and Anbesol weren’t cutting it anymore. Nothing gave me any kind of significant relief and, in fact, some of the things actually increased the pain! I finally gave up and took a trip to the local Walmart hoping to find ANYTHING to help and if all else failed, I’d hit the liquor aisle! The trip was well worth it because I came home with some Orajel maximum strength for severe toothache cream and some plain old ibruprofen. By this time, the pain had spread down my neck to my glands and up my jaw to my ear. The orajel really significantly helped with the pain in my tooth and gums, and the ibuprofen and some ice took care of the pain along my jaw and neck. Ahhh, relief!! Fair warning though, I woke up from a sound sleep with the pain back in full force and I had to do the whole Orajel, ibuprofen, ice routine again to get back to sleep, but the fact that I got back to sleep at all was amazing to me! Just wanted to share in case someone else is similarly suffering out there! Good luck! And of course make a dentist appointment ASAP because the only permanent solution is to have the offender yanked!


what worked for me? i tried everything from pain releiver PM to green 10’s (loratab), they worked for about 30 minutes, but this worked better Warm Salt Water and Warm Peroxide them place it on a cotton ball on your tooth!


I had a severe toothache from a cracked filling I had been waiting to get replaced. Nothing worked.
I read on one of these sites about vinegar, warmed with a little added salt. Take a sip and wash it around the tooth area, pulling through the tooth area.
In my case, the pain subsided and allowed me to sleep. The next day whenever I felt a pain there, I repeated the procedure and remained pain free!


For Mouth sores and Tooth Ache and Pain: My grandma is almost 100 years old. My toothache pain was so bad I was getting ready to go to the emergency room. I took aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and even celebrex. These alleviated pain somewhat but definitely was a dangerous combination of pain killers. To make a long story short, I called granny. Granny is into witchcraft and everybody says she’s crazy. I say she’s almost 100 and going strong. She gave me a recipe for a potion that she says will not only kill the pain but force it to be cured. I tried it and it works. Be careful and precise when making this potion: 2 cups of hot (but not boiling) water, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of table salt, 1 teaspoon of potassium (substitute salt), and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar and one capsule of echinacea. Fill mouth and rinse. Repeat until potion is gone. Rinse mouth once with cool water. Say to yourself ‘to hell with you’ backwards and, you’ll be cured forever. (before you wake up the next day).


Mouth,tooth,or ear pain. Take 2 Cloves and place one on the right side of you back tooth, and one on the left side. Bite down as hard as you can. Keeping you mouth closed for a bit. It will take about 1-2 min before you fill relived.


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