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Motion Sickness 15 Home Remedies

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In the car: take the front seat, look outside (front), Don’t read.
In the bus: If there is no front seat available, take the less shaky seats in the middle of the bus.


Ginger Ale and peppermint candy. And stay away from books!


Eating light only keeps you from puking more…the Italian method, eat a greasy filthy Italian salami, proscioutto fresh mozzarella sandwich with mustard or olive oil. Drink a few beers, and whatever you do stay away from the smell of diesel fule. Caffeine is a killer,dont do it. Alcohol is really the best way to not get sick, you will still feel awkward motion, but it wont bother so much. Be well.


For motion sickness, we use ginger as well. For the little ones, we make ginger cookies. We use a regular ginger cookie recipe for cut-out cookies, and top with a little sugar to cut the bite of the ginger down a little. I use regular, store bought, spice rack powdered ginger. There are plenty of ginger cookie recipes online. I also discovered the boxed ginger snaps my local dollar store sells works just as well! Ginger ale works, but I’ve noticed some brands work better than others. I think some use actual ginger while some use a ginger flavoring. We also keep ginger root in the freezer. Boil a cup or two of water with a small slice of ginger root and add a little sugar or honey to taste. Always taste test a little sip first as ginger root is very strong! ALWAYS WATCH FOR ALLERGIC REACTION WITH THIS OR ANY REMEDY!!!


A coworker told me about some wrist bands. He wears them when traveling and boating. I would get motion sickness real bad riding in a car or airplane. With these wrist bands I can even read when traveling! They use pressure points on your wrist and work wonderfully for me. You can buy them at pharmacies or online. Got mine at Wal-mart.


Try a slushi! Every year i go to the amusement park, I always bring extra money for snow cones. I find the ice temporarily rids you of the motion sickness….I normally have one every hour or two (5-6 rides) and im good to go. Anything cold helps I suppose


Take one tablet of ginger one hour before your boat trip or car trip. This is an old technique used by chinese sailors.


peppermint candy is an awesome remedy for car sickness.also the dramamine you take for car sickness is a great remedy for bad stomach viruses.


keep your eyes on the horizon. its easy to do just tell kids to look at things as far away as possible(far off mountains…far away city lights at night, etc) when i was little and got carsick this is what my mom always had me do. (works well on airplanes too, as long as you dont look down too far)it takes maybe 4 or 5 minutes to kick in but it works.


I always keep a package of Saltine crackers in the car for my daughter’s and my own motion sickness. It seems to absorb the excess acid.

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