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November 18, 2017
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My 14 year old daughter recently was diagnosed with mono. She was very ill with the sore throat, fatigue and fever. She could not sleep because her pain was so bad. After giving her the following treatment she was up watching TV and eating within an hour and a half. In the morning: 4 extra virgin coconut oil, 2 ACV tablets (with cayenne, ginger & garcinia cambogia), 1 500mg vit C, 1 500mg L-Lysine and 1 50mg zinc.
In the evening I gave her just the 4 coconut oils and 1 L-Lysine. We kept up this routine for several days(about 10) and each day she felt better – her sore throat went away immediately. The fever stuck around a few more days. She got tired really quickly for about a week.
Hope this helps!!


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