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November 18, 2017
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I did my research and have removed 5 moles from me and made two attempts with another person. I used fishing line. Tied in a knot around the mole. You can not use this technique on every type of mole. You have to use common sense. The mole has to be the type that protrudes out from the skin, with a defined base suitable for teeing the fishing line.

If the mole is in a place that is difficult for you to tie by yourself, get help. Make sure you get an almost perfect tie around the mole. If you miss, try again. What ever part of the mole you do not get will be left, and you will not get another chance. Tie the fishing line tight until it hurts, wait a few minutes until it stops hurting and then tighten some more. repeat. Again, use common sense, if you pull to tight you will remove the mole. I prefer to cut off the circulation, let it die and then allow to fall off. I believe that is the best way to minimize scarring.

I have had amazing results. Three moles I removed were from my face and can tell you it was worth it, and there is NO noticeable scars either. The first mole I removed was from my arm, so I had practice and experience before trying my face.

The other person we tried to remove moles from did not have the right moles? Although they looked right, we could not properly tie the fishing line… so would likely have to get a dermatologist to perform the removal.

I do not recommend lotions, chemicals, herbs or ??? Unless you really know what your doing. Everybody is different and react different. You could have a bad reaction, or ruin your chance at teeing it with fishing line.

Good luck.


Apple Cider Vinegar. Take a cotton ball or a Q-tip and dab it on the mole once a day. Eventually it will just fall off.

a man

I had a mole in a rather private area that made it hard for me to shave. It was moderately raised out but the more I shaved it became duller and closer to skin level. Its almost all the way gone now but I had also nicked it a few times making it bleed. Whenever this happened i would apply rubbing alcohol which most likely also helped.
I looked into ot more and apparently if you are doing any kind of remedy like creams or garlic you should irritate the skin before you apply. Mine took a while to get rid of and wasn’t the least painful way of doing it but it worked.


With a wisp of inspiration, tried taking a few drops 100% oregano oil and combined it in a shot glass with a pinch of food grade diatomaceous earth, to make a moderately thin paste.

Carefully applied it, with a mini spatula, to a rather flat, irregularly shaped, light brown mole on side of forehead that had been slowly enlarging over the past few years to about 12mm in length…(tried to just completely cover the mole and no more), as it soon starts to cause a rather noticable reaction of mild burning, throbbing, reddening, with some minor swelling, which gradually subsided for the most part in a hour or two.

Avoided washing or brushing off the tiny plaster of ‘paste’, which in a couple of days turned into more of a scab, which in a few more days, fell off with the slightest bit of scratching or pulling, and voila – no more mole, no scar, nor any residual blemish.

Thankful for this, and hopeful if/when needed, it will also work again.

[Oregano oil from San Francisco Herbs + diatomaceous earth found on]


I’ve removed 2 moles1 flat & raised- to Remove mole cut up a piece of fresh garlic about the size of the mole place over mole top it off with a bandage leave over night repeat if nessecary will scab and come off


I have successfully removed two raised moles from my torso, and a larger one from my back, by simply tying them off with sewing thread until they died off. It has been well over a year for the first two, and several months for the last, and none has grown back. There is the faint scar of the base remaining, of the color of the original moles, but the skin is flat. … A heck of a lot nicer than the ugly moles.

Take a good length of thread, and loop it around the mole, trying to keep the knot close to your skin, so you are getting as much of the mole as you can. I rubbed a little olive oil on the thread, to make it easier to ‘stick’ to the area as you work to tie it nice and tightly in the small area you are working on. I made a single tie, and then back around to the other side of the mole for the final double tie. Make it as tight as you can stand it. It should make you wince a bit.

After a few days, you should start to see something happening. The wart may seem to enlarge, engorge with blood, and look darker. (Mine reminded me of the body of a blood-filled tick.) If not, then you should again tie a new thread, trying to get a bit tighter. (The mole may feel tender, especially when it is in that early, enlarged state, and clothing rubbing against it or bumping into it may make you wince.) A few days into it, I did a second thread for all my tie-offs, to speed things along. I also cleaned the area a bit, with a cotton swab with alcohol or peroxide, before adding each thread…just to avoid any unnecessary soreness from infection. After that first stage, it should start to darken and shrivel. It may seem gross to witness, but it does work! Within two weeks, my moles had fallen off.

…This method has also been suggested for hemorrhoids! If you are lucky enough to have a special someone in your life who is willing to help you deal with your backside…I’d go for it, personally! lol …It’s essentially the same mechanism the doctor would use on you to remove them.

jane doe

skin colored mole/wart/skin flap

had a flesh colored mole on my face and was uncomfortable with it
i tried every home remedy for years to get rid of it…nothing worked!I purchased some wart remover used that for a few weeks it didnt work it kept coming back .As i peeled the dried skin and it was a little raw from after using the wart remover i immediatly put peroxide on a q-tip held it on there it started to bubble and dry it i did that several times a day after a week it was gone.


Before U do it visit dermatologist and let him check your skin leasions to exclude probability of melanoma or any other cancer.
That’s important because messing arround with a superficial spreading melanoma leads to metastases and you are simply dead in 1-5 years.
Don’t say what you want to do because he will be really irritated.
You shouldn’t do it on your face – plastic surgery.

Flat and BLACK moles – take something sharp, not a needle, something that has like 1mm edge – that you could scrape with it. [heat it into flame to redness] . Start to scrape this till u see the skin color, or reddish area. You destroy the melanocytes – the black tissue this way.
Then the wound have to heal itself – sometimes it’s like 1week, or one month.
It’s good to do it in one session, because later on there is a black clot which is very similar to what you want to remove – then you have to remove clot to be sure. A small red spot can exist for longer period – that means that you put too much trauma to your skin.

The key to success is practice – start with a small dot on your skin, because it’s very easy to remove – it is shallow.

I do it myself, and they just totally dissapear in 2 month

There is no risk in this if there is no neoplasia.

brown and flat – it’s hard… In fact they are deep and not so dense in melanocytes. it involves deeper wound to remove them, sometimes u see after 1 month, that the area is darker, try one more time.

BTW – i don’t take responsibility for what you do, it’s not a medicine just my experience and realistic point of view – people hurt themselves sometimes, and they cut they moles by mistake while shaving. There are pretty many such mistakes in your life. Maybe it is better to do it once or iritate them 100x times?

Do what you wish.


The thing that worked best for me is the itworkspaste

It removes moles and warts in 20 minutes.


Take your brush with your hair on it and one by one tie each of them on the outty moles on your neck and under your arms two knot the first knot hurts a bit when to tie it tight not to to tight the second tie doesn’t hurt and then cut the hair hanging leaving just the knoe after couple of days it falls out because no oxygen is going to it.


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