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November 18, 2017
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November 18, 2017
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Manuka Honey (or any honey at a push) is an age old remedy that actually works. Warm the honey first slightly so you do not scrape any skin off trying to apply it then DAB it on don’t drag across the burn.
Cover with sterile gauze (not plasters needs to breath) and change once a day.(may need to soak it off each time) Will take the pain away rather quickly and heal very much faster. I know this from exp being stupid in the distant past and hitting my thumb nail with an oxy cutting torch.Used honey on all burns ever since both on myself and my kids


Just apple shaving gel to the burn site.


it is that time of year to start canning hot peppers and this is the only thing that works on your skin and it is you shaving lotion that you use.i gurarateen it works on the burning on your skin,from dave from salem,ohio.


Make a paste out of cornmill and water and place on burn. Hold in place with clean towel or rag until heat is drawn out. If done properly it can prevent a blister from occuring.


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